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DM-d20.jpg DM The Brewed Awakening campaign is no longer using the Cinematic Unisystem rules. This page is kept for archival purposes.

This page is an executive summary of rules that go with the magic types. Look to the campaign documents for further details on the rules.

See also the flavor descriptions.


To become a spellcaster of this variety, one must have at least one level of the Magic quality and purchase the Magical Philosophy quality.

To cast a spell, roll Willpower + Occultism + Magic Quality Levels and the success levels much meet or exceed the Power Level of the spell. Failure to achieve success aborts the spell. Not enough successes means that the energies invoked go awry and may backfire.

The number of actions it takes to cast the spell is equal to it's Power Level. If the spell permits Quick Casting, subtract a caster's Magic quality levels from the spell's Power Level to determine the number of actions it takes to cast the spell, with a minimum of one action.

For example, Simon is surrounded by spellcasters and acts to defend himself by casting Mystical Barrier to block their spells. He has a Willpower of 3, Occultism of 2, and Magic 2. Mystical Barrier has a Power Level of 3. Since Simon has a Magic level of 2, casting the spell takes a single action (Power level 3 - Magic 2 = 1 action). Simon rolls a 7, getting a total result of 14 which is 3 successes and the spell is cast, protecting him. Had Simon roll a 5, he would have only gotten 2 successes and the spell would have gone wild or been delayed.

More information about Philosophies and this spellcasting can be found in the Ghosts of Albion materials.

Divine Inspiration

This magic type is a port from Classic Unisystem

The quality Divine Inspiration must be taken in order to purchase Miracles.

  • Divine Inspiration costs 5 points
  • Each Miracle costs 5 points. Miracles are listed in the campaign documentation.

Additional Prerequisites: Willpower 4+; Group Membership (religious organization); Zealot; Wild Card (Theology).

Using a Miracle requires the Cast Member to make a Willpower (doubled) roll. If she gets one or more Success Levels, the Miracle activates. If not, nothing happens.

All Inspired characters may attempt to prevent any supernatural power from activating through the Denial. Any Success Levels in a Willpower (doubled) roll are subtracted from the Success Levels of the target’s roll to use her own power. A vampire being a vampire and a witch being a witch don’t count as “using a supernatural power,” but a vampire using hypnosis and a witch casting a spell do.

Inspired characters may not have the Sorcery Quality, any of the Arts, or the Enchanter, Demonic Tutor, or Medium Qualities (or simliar things that just don't happen to be listed here). They may cast Ritualism spells, but any that go against their faith could result in the loss of their Miracles, temporarily or permanently. Additionally, demons, vampires, robots, and werewolves (and maybe others) may not be Inspired.


Invocations are learning to weave essence into desired patterns. What they do is best explained by See campaign doc "2b-Magic-Classic-Unisystem-Magics".

Cost for each Invocation
Levels 1-5: 2 points per level
Levels 6+: 5 points per level

Spirit Patron

This magic type is a port from Classic Unisystem

Generally Spirit Patrons vary wildly, as each collection of boons and banes are individually tailored.

Tao Chi, the mystical martial arts

This magic type is a port from Classic Unisystem

Mystically powered martial arts are a staple of the modern fantasy genre. Users call on an inner source of energy, called chi, to accomplish astonishing feats. Each Chi Power, including Chi Mastery, is bought as a separate Wild Card Skill.

No Chi Power may be higher than the user’s current level in the Kung Fu or Wild Card (Chi Mastery) Skills.

Using a Tao-Chi power requires an Attribute and Chi Power roll. Ignore the Essence costs listed; instead, each Success Level gives the user +1 to the appropriate Attribute.

Prerequisites: Constitution 2+; Group Membership (temple) or Contact (sensei); Acrobatics or Kung Fu 6.

Keys of Solomon

This magic type is a port from Classic Unisystem

The Keys of Solomon are purchased for 6 points each. Keys require a Willpower (doubled) roll to activate.

Prerequisites: Group Membership that requires Obligation (Total).