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This multi-session disposable will test out a few house rules in preparation for the Rise of the Runelords campaign. It will also serve as a test run for the new Geek Chic table.

Starts Sun, 21 April

We'll be playing a dungeon or two from the Thornkeep dungeon crawl module.

  • The Forgotten LIbrary, 3rd level PCs, by Jason Buhlmahn
    • This is the one we will be playing.

Characters and their Aspects

Azaven, the Mithril Mage (wizard 3) played by Tim H.
Better living through higher magic
Lower plane intanglements
Grog (Fighter 3) played by Andrew
Treacherous ex-townguard
Gluttonous Cheapskate
Seeker of Knowledge, aka 'DammitINeedAName the first' (cleric 3) played by Tim W.
Wimpy kid turned murderous power-seeker
Idiotically prideful
Randi (ranger 3) played by Jess
Inept poacher of exotic animals
Arachnophobic male-to-female transexual
Strawberry, Eviscerator of Critics (Barbarian 3) played by Ian
Longs to create masterful artwork
Color-blind and in denial

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