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Most of Lone Rock City's laws remain unwritten, with "reasonable discretion" on the part of the Hands of Tyr.

Four Plaints

All crimes are divided into four plaints, with each plaint divided into severe, serious, lesser, and minor offenses.

Crimes against the Lords

Treason, impersonation, forgery of official documents, destruction of city property, assault, willful disobedience of edicts, and blasphemy against a government official.

Crimes against the City

Poisoning of wells, murder, spying, sabatoge, fraud, fencing, unlawful dueling, bribery, unlawful entry into the city, vagrancy, littering, unsecured weapons, and reckless driving

Crimes against the Gods

Defiling a holy place, theft of temple goods, tomb-robbing, assault on a religious person, public blasphemy against a God or preisthood, and disorderly conduct at worship.

Crimes against Citizens

Arson, rape, bodily harm, magical assault, forgery, slavery, robbery, burglary, theft/killing of livestock, property damage assault, hindrance of business, and excessive noise.


Slavery is illegal on the island of Lone Rock. Any slave who sets foot on the island is considered a freeman while on the island.


Duels are permitted for reasons of specific, unprovoked injury and must be overseen (and thus approved) by a high-ranking Watch member or member of the Iron Men. Duels are rarely to the death.

Magic Item Permits

Due to the high volume of powerful adventurers in the city, Lord King Dac'Angelo passed into law an edict that requires all magic items within the city be permitted.

Oath to Lone Rock City

The Oath to Lone Rock City is required of everyone who wishes to be a citizen of Lone Rock City. Citizenship has fairly easy to obtain and is not required to be exclusive, i.e. dual citizenship with Cormyr or other nations is possible. Some benefits to citizenship include permission to purchase land, join city organizations, quicker access to a judge when accused of a crime, etc.

  • Allowed to purchase land
  • Allowed to purchase more powerful magic items in LRC
  • Go to trial faster if accused of a crime
  • Permitted to join the Watch
  • Permitted to apply to join the Woodsmen
  • Permitted to obtain a library card
  • May join the Harpell School of Wizardry
  • Add Knowledge (Local [Lone Rock City]) as a class skill for as long as the oath is valid

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