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LRC:Magic Item Permits

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The city of Lone Rock has a permit system for magic items. This allows the Watch to track legal magic items in the city. Permits are applied for at the Harpell School of Wizardry. Note that items without permits are confiscated by the Watch* and arrangements can be made to have them returned when leaving the island.

Potion permit

A generic potion permit which will allow you to carry any number of potions on your person costs 100 gp. (Watch members pay only 50 gp.)

Wand permit

A wand permit which will allow you to carry 2 wands is 200 gp. (Watch members pay only 150 gp.) There is no single wand permit.

Scroll permits

For scrolls there are two permits; lesser and greater.

  • A lesser permit allows the owner to carry any number of 5th lvl or lower scrolls and costs 100 gp (50 gp for Watch members).
  • A greater permit allows carrying of 8th lvl or lower scrolls and costs 1,000 gp (Watch members are NOT permitted to purchase these. Members of the Iron Men are permitted to).

Any scroll with a spell higher than 8th lvl is illegal in LRC.

Other magical item permits

For any other items the cost of a permit is 10% the cost of the item and not all items are permitted on the island. When upgrading an item, the character must pay the difference in cost of permits and a 10% of total permit cost reissuing fee.)

Reissuing permits

If a permit is lost the character can apply to have one reissued. The cost is 10% of the cost of the original permit, or 1% of the value of the magical item.

Items that DO NOT Require A Permit

  • Everburning Torch

*Magic items are not autoconfiscated. It is possible to sneak magic items into the city.