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The Celestial Tournament

For my [John K's] game, you all take on the role of the Great Champions of the Cities of Heaven. You are the greatest warrior your city has produced, trained from birth to take part in the Great Tournament. The Tournament determines the hierarchy of the Cities of Heaven, and determines which city gets to exist on Earth for a year. Failing to win the tournament means your city is blocked off from Earth for 10 years, and being eliminated first means your city suffers great dishonor. The Tournament has brought peace to the cities, and has been used to settle disputes between them since time immemorial.

Every 5 years the Tournament introduces a special rule for that year's matches. These rules serve as a way to balance the tournament between each city's champions as well as providing more entertainment for the masses. In years past, tournament special rules have included:

Battle by Philosophy, a game of matching your wits and spiritual savvy against your opponent. This Tournament lasted 8 weeks and ended when the last warrior collapsed out of malnourishment.

The Endless Dungeon, where the Champions had to fight with their environment in order to break out of the killer labyrinth constructed by Heaven's best engineers. The Champion who won this tournament first allied all the Champions behind their banner but died to save them all. Their city was lauded as the winner of that year's Tournament.

Battle by Blessed Blades, a tournament where all champions had to use weapons but could not draw blood. The winner was a cunning thief who managed to steal her opponents weapons from them and disarmed each Champion.

Now on the even of the 355th tournament, the Champions have been summoned together by the lords of their cities. This kind of gathering before a Tournament is rare, and as you join your trainer you are asked to meet with Wu Xian, the Great Immortal who judges each tournament. Why he has summoned you is a mystery, but the urgency is clear...

What You As Players Should Know: While this is a Kung fu oriented game, this game will have a mystery to solve. I'm not giving away my hand just yet, but do not feel that you are confined to a single role. Champions can excel at anything they want, as their fighting abilities can excel at many things such as Best Strategy, Best Spiritual Manipulation, or even good old fashioned Best Fucking Puncher.


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