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Luna's Liberty

Luna's Liberty is a restaurant in the hull of a failed colony ship grounded on the moon. Their claim to fame is their special menu (super pricey) that uses only ingredients grown on the moon (mainly in the hydroponics facilities housed in the colony ship).

Jack M. Montoya III Athletics Center

Moon Base Liberty has a very active low-G competitive athletics community, and the (small) courtside bleachers are always packed at any match. They have recently been negotiating with IOC to finally be allowed to field their first teams in the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Of course, the US is trying to prevent that, while the Vatican and Soviets are encouraging their inclusion.

The MBL's top basketball league (of three teams) just returned from a G-training exercise (what they call when they go down to Earth to do strength training at full G), and they feel spooked from something that hasn't hit the news yet.