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Cold:Session/19 Time Shenanigans

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Mr White defects and becomes a Russian asset

🎲 DM: 👧 Aelita becomes state property and is bonded to 📎 John.

A rip in reality at Beacon Station

🎲 DM: Everyone arrives after Quimby. The station has recently had an explosion that has ripped a tear in reality. The tear is expanding in space AND time. There is time loop troubles.

Rewinding time with a VCR

🎲 DM: 👩‍🚀 Oona and 📎 John use engineering and Chthonic knowledge to program a VCR to rewind time. This forks both of them into the past, while their present selves remain, assuming their work failed.

Oona and Mr White then proceed to booby trap the station. They discover a storeroom of files and pile everything up, starting a fire. When a particularly dangerous contract goes up in flames, reality tears open, killing them both.