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Starring: Cryonik-icon.jpg Cryonik, Dr-serum-icon.png Dr. Serum, Mr-clean-icon.png Mr. Clean
Guest Starring:
Challenge: Gang leader and henchmen
Date Played: 17 March 2012

"Halt! Put down that computer, thief!"

Cryonik-icon.jpg Cryonik: I was practicing my ice control powers when I saw 4 thugs breaking into one of the university labs. I managed to take them out with a combination of ice abilities when I saw this other being in what appeared to be a lab coat.

Dr-serum-icon.png Dr. Serum: The University garden is always a great place to find samples of various plants that can be used in my studies. While the DNA structure of these are significantly different from mammals, there are some common structures worthy of note.

Late this evening I was gathering extracts from some early-spring, night-blooming perennials when two interesting things happened. First, I noticed a young man doing inhuman feats. I recognized the boy, as he had attended a couple of my lectures, though he always seemed to be distracted and disinterested. Perhaps biochemistry doesn't interest him, but he needed the credits for his major. Anyway, he was using what appeared to be super powers using ice and cold. It looked like he was practicing. I wanted to talk to him - perhaps obtain a blood sample - but before I could approach, there was a noise not far away.

The young man went right away to investigate. I, being careful, crept to the corner of the building. I got there in time to see several thieves in the process of stealing equipment from the computer lab and exiting through a window. The boy blasted them with his icy breath. There was another inside the building the boy didn't see, so I hit one of my serums and gave chase.

I went in through the window, but the man took off running and exited through the door, which set off the alarm. The boy intercepted the crook outside and subdued him quickly.

Hero vs. Hero

Dr-serum-icon.png Dr. Serum: He must have thought I was one of them because he put me in a frozen stasis for a few moments as well. Once I was freed, I took off and hid until my serum faded. I returned about the time the police showed up and I explained to them what I saw.

At this point, I was pretty tired. Not to mention, I didn't want the cops snooping around while I was gathering raw materials for my experiments so I went on home.

Cryonik-icon.jpg Cryonik: I am still not quite sure what it was since it got away. It was able to move FAST! Also it had an ability which made it hard to see.

I am just glad I was able to get out of there before the authorities showed up. Didn't want to have to explain myself to them. Not yet anyway. I am still trying to comprehend the capabilities of my new powers.

Also what should I call myself? "Ice Guy?", "Polar Man?", no... "Cryonik!" Yes! That is perfect.

Starbase Coffee

Mr-clean-icon.png Mr. Clean:

Cryonik-icon.jpg Cryonik: I was approached by a superhero today. He goes by the name "Mr. Clean" and he says he is the actual Mr. Clean on the cleaning liquid! Isn't that crazy! He had another gentlemen with him named Dr. Serum. That guy can't possibly be a superhero too... can he? He looks like a creepy scientist. Perhaps he made the cleaning compound that gave Mr. Clean his powers?

Anyway they want me to join them to fight crime. I think I am going to do it!

Dr-serum-icon.png Dr. Serum: Fighting crime as a superhero... Honestly, the thought hadn't occurred to me. It's not a matter of time, really, though it would take me away from my studies and the various lectures I conduct. On the other hand, it would be a good opportunity to put my experimental serums to the test.

Mr. Clean and I reached an agreement easily enough. The kid from the college, on the other hand, might be a bit of a wild-card. He's willing to join, but he seems distracted - like he's already got too much on his plate.

I'd be interested in studying his DNA to see if I can figure out what makes his powers work, though.