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D:Sessions:1 - The Bank Heist

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Starring: Cryonik-icon.jpg Cryonik, Dr-serum-icon.png Dr. Serum, Mr-clean-icon.png Mr. Clean
Guest Starring:
Challenge: Rant, Rave, armed henchmen
Location: Eastern Seaboard Bank
Date Played: 7 April 2012

Rant and Rave fail to do their banking


Cryonik-icon.jpg Cryonik: They needed to stop by the bank. I told them I would patrol the area while they were inside.

I saw two vans pull up and a bunch of masked men jump out and seal up the bank. SOMETHING IS GOING DOWN!

I busted through the front doors with my Freeze Breath. Their bullets just bounced off my Glacier Armor. I was able to use my ice slick on one corner of the bank. It did a bit of good, but I need to work on coordination with these other heroes. I don't even remember seeing Dr. Serum in there. He just showed up at the end and started helping civilians. Was he even in the fight? What are his abilities? Mr.Clean became a blur and took out all the minions. It was amazing! Also those two main criminals Rant and Rave. How can anyone obtain special powers and NOT use them to help people? They must be REALLY evil. They were tough to beat; that is all I know.

I hope I can get away soon. Otherwise I am going to be late, and Ko won't be happy with me. I cannot afford to mess things up with her.

Mr-clean-icon.png Mr. Clean:

Dr-serum-icon.png Dr. Serum: Communication and coordination. While the would-be bank robbers were stopped with minimal injury, there was quite a bit of property damage... Not to mention a number of freaked-out bank patrons!

It all happened pretty fast. I remember being in the bank when the kids and their gang came in. A moment later, the college kid, Cryonik, smashed through the glass and shouted out orders to the bad guys. Of course they didn't listen and started firing. Mr. Clean was pretty effective as he quickly knocked out all the thugs.

Even though the outcome was good, the means and the method were pretty sloppy by most standards. If we're going to be a team, we need to work together and not get in the way of each other. To do that, we need a good means of communication.

Maybe I can work on a serum that would do that.

The Cleanest Superbase Ever

Mr-clean-icon.png Mr. Clean:

Cryonik-icon.jpg Cryonik: Man this base is really decked out. I feel like I am working with Tony Stark or something. This guy is well funded. We will see how things go.

Dr-serum-icon.png Dr. Serum:

Time to register

Mr-clean-icon.png Mr. Clean:

Cryonik-icon.jpg Cryonik:Man, I don't like giving out any information on myself. The more mystery about me the better, but I guess I have to give something to take on this opportunity.

Dr-serum-icon.png Dr. Serum:

The Silver Storm

Dr-serum-icon.png Dr. Serum

Mr-clean-icon.png Mr. Clean:

Cryonik-icon.jpg Cryonik:Holy cow! the world just practically exploded! There is chaos and silver dust everywhere. I have to do what I can to help the civilians.