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D:Sessions:2 - The Silver Storm

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Starring: Cryonik-icon.jpg Cryonik, Dr-serum-icon.png Dr. Serum, Fateweaver-icon.png Fateweaver, Shadow-sleuth-icon.png Shadow Sleuth
Guest Starring:
Challenge: Lightshow, Octaman, The Mongoose, Lord Etheric, Death Magnetic
Location: The streets of Freedom City
Date Played: 9 June 2012

The Annoying Emo Kid Gets a Beatdown


Cryonik-icon.jpg Cryonik: Man this Lord Etheric emo kid is really pissing me off with these teardrops. I wish someone would beat him down.

Dr-serum-icon.png Dr. Serum: Agreed. But we did manage to capture all the criminals and turn them over to the authorities, which is the important thing. The loss of life and injuries to the innocent civilians is tragic. I keep wondering what we could have done to save more people from harm.

Fateweaver-icon.png Fateweaver:

Shadow-sleuth-icon.png Shadow Sleuth: Sleuth's Log: I heard... as well as felt an explosion & travel to the source. When I get to the blast area, I see people injured so I go to help. While I see to the injured, I try to see exactly what set off this event. In the course of my investigation, I meet some of the local super powered beings. They are also helping those injured in the blast & do not hinder me so I continue working. We reach a point where we can discuss what else needs to be done. One introduces himself as Dr. Serum. He seems to represent a fledgling "superhero" group. I agree to tentatively join them. It will help me find out more about this city.

The group resumes cleaning up, & we are attacked by a group I have not yet heard of. A girl who can bend metal without touching it seems to be their leader. The rest of their company consists of a man with six tentacles for arms, a woman-animal creature, a man that seems to be a transient & a boy who looks belong to a depressing subculture of somekind. I focus my attacks on the leader. She is strong, but I am able to weaken her, & she is swiftly and soundly defeated. The others fall in short order.

Dealing With the Authorities

Cryonik-icon.jpg Cryonik:

Dr-serum-icon.png Dr. Serum: I don't understand why some superheroes are so afraid of the authorities. Aren't we all on the same team? Sure, there's some bad apples here and there, but for the most part, we are all working together to achieve the same goal - a safe and secure Freedom City for all.

Fateweaver-icon.png Fateweaver:

Shadow-sleuth-icon.png Shadow Sleuth: I allow Dr. Serum deal with the authorities for the most part. I have no desire to give away to Foxfire that I have traced him into the city. I ask the local constable if they know Foxfire, but apparently, he is currently laying low. I watch from the shadows as an autonomous organization called AEGIS picks up the attacking villains. This group seems to be the one that takes care of apprehending enhanced beings here.

After leaving Dr. Serum to give the full story to the authorities. I go to the epicenter of the blast. I find that a storage vehicle was at the center of the blast & that it bore the banner of a corporation Redshift. In my research of the city, I realize that Redshift is subsidiary of a larger umbrella organization called Mars Tech. Also, Redshift is an emerging energy company.

While there I also discover, a residue that seems to cover the area. While I take samples, Fateweaver approaches me & asks what I have uncovered. I tell him all I know. First, this is the epicenter of the blast. Second, the transport was labeled as Redshift. And finally, there is this residue in the area. I also give him one of my samples. I feel if we investigate separately, we may find different information on this mysterious substance.

Scientific Investigations

Cryonik-icon.jpg Cryonik: What you talkin' 'bout Dr.Serum? You drone on about being honest and good and yet you are the one to try to lie to the authorities? Can anyone say like a big hypocrite? Geez man learn a craft BEFORE you try to use it. As a liar you suck. Stick to your day job. Man all this investigation stuff is boring. I would rather be putting some criminals in the deep freeze right now, or at least doing something fun like hanging out with Koyuki. Man she is a fine fortune cookie.

Dr-serum-icon.png Dr. Serum: While this investigative/scientific work is a little out of my area of expertise, I do think we've made some breakthroughs.

I also think that some of the data I've collected will help me to tweak my own serum a bit. I'll let you know in a few days.

Fateweaver-icon.png Fateweaver:

Shadow-sleuth-icon.png Shadow Sleuth: Sadly, I have no facilities in this city. I miss my laboratory at home. I wonder how Ms. Potts is doing & if she is keeping the lab properly cleaned. I shake my head to break my mind of musings that won't help my situation & concentrate on where I can "borrow" a workspace. It dawns on me that the local university has a fine laboratory set up.

I wait until the middle of the night & make my way into the facility. I use their equipment to analyze the residue. What I discover astounds me: tiny machines! Someone has gone to a lot of effort to produce machines on a microscopic level. I can't quite ascertain what they would be used for but I discover that they are currently inert... or more accurately, they have been self-destructed.