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17 January 2010

We will be using the alternate (higher powered) character build from Unearthed Arcana that is Gestalt building. Each character gains two classes at level up. Please remember, Gestalt is already high-powered -- you don't need to add extra cheese weaseling. Just try to find something that could be a fun combination to play.

Gestalt Rules

With normal Gestalt, as printed in UA, you take the best of both worlds. For example, a Barbarian/Cleric has full BAB, Strong Fort and Will, d12 HD , 4 skill points and the abilities of both classes. I've used this before -- it proved to be a little hard to work with!

Instead, we will use this style of gestalt:

  • You will pick one class to be your primary class and one class to be your secondary class.
    • You have the HD, skill points, BAB and Saves of the primary class.
    • You have the abilities of both classes.
  • Sorry, no doubling up (fighter-figher, cleric-cleric, druid-druid...) Maybe another time.

Also, because gestalt already gives a lot of class features:

  • There will be no multiclassing.
  • If you insist on taking a prestige class...
    • Only one prestige class is allowed per character.
    • It counts as both your levels for that level.

Character Creation


  • 28 point buy.
  • 8th level. (4th level spells)
  • HP assigned per HD: First HD max, the rest are 3/4. Keep halves at each level. AKA, 8d8 = 8 + [(7*8)*.75].


  • Maximum of +1 LA, with no racial HD.
  • SRD only.


See Talk:Dispostable:Gestalt/List for a list for inspiration.


  • All SRD base classes (including psionic).
  • Player's Handbook 2 (Beguiler, Dragon Shaman, Duskblade, Knight)
  • Complete Adventurer (Ninja, Scout, Spellthief)
  • Complete Arcane (Warlock, Warmage, Wu Jen)
  • Complete Divine (Favored Soul, Shugenja, Spirit Shaman)
  • Complete Warrior (Hexblade, Samurai, Swashbuckler)
  • Miniatures Handbook (Healer, Marshal)
  • Complete Psionic (Ardent, Erudite, Divine Mind, Lurk)

Not Permitted

I really want the game to focus on Gestalt itself, not various classes.

  • Oriental Adventures (Shaman, Sohei) - 3.0
  • Eberron Campaign Setting (Artificer) - people have played it a lot lately
  • Dragonlance Campaign Setting (Mystic, Noble)
  • Dragon Magic (Dragonfire Adept)
  • Heroes of Horror (Archivist, Dread Necromancer)
  • Dungeonscape (Factotum)
  • Tome of Magic (Binder, Shadowcaster, Truenamer)
  • Tome of Battle (Crusader, Swordsage, Warblade)
  • Magic of Incarnum (Incarnate, Soulborn, Totemist)


  • No alternate class features or alternate class abilities (such as from UA, PHB2, CM) are allowed.


  • SRD and the book your class is printed in ONLY. No exceptions (including the Spell Compendium).
    • IE, warlock invocations only from CA; Beguilder spells only from SRD and PHB2; Wilder powers only from SRD; Ardent powers only from SRD and PHB2... etc.
    • If a spell was reprinted later, ignore it -- the version in that book (with relevant errata) only.


  • No leadership.
  • Most WotC book feats and those from the core Arcanis book.
  • If you're in doubt, ask.
  • Those "multiclass friendly" (such as Acetic Xyz) feats are made useless by Gestalt.


  • SRD and the book your class is printed in ONLY. No exceptions. No AEG, no MIC. No custom items.
  • Crafting: exchange rate of 5 GP per XP. It is the market price that multiplies in the case of consumables.
  • Consumables are 4x cost.
  • 27,000 GP.
  • Maximum individual item 9,400 GP.

Special Rules Used

  • Ignore alignment restrictions (paladin, barbarian, monk, bard, druid...)
  • Rules/Skills - Altered skill system.
  • Fractional bonuses are NOT used.
  • Action points will NOT be used.
  • As usual, no skill tricks, etc.


Eric - Either the Jedi, Mage-slayer/DPS or the buff-healer. We'll see what everyone else does first.
Remy - Buff-mage of a million buffs.
Randy - Mounted umbrella of Doom, knightly combat controller.
Michael - Luon - Gestalt Lurk/Psion, help!?!