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After a rare muscle disesase caused Jamie Tan's (14) legs to be amputated at a young age, they now work extra hard in brains and body to prove themself capable in every way and live life to the fullest. Believeing they are the best at everything they do (Arrogant flaw), they struggle to make friends and generally push others away (low Charm).

Fearing they were taking it all a bit too seriously, their parents (Emily and Hao-yu Tan) sent them to the Tribe to get them with other kids to learn some social skills and the importance of teamwork

  • Trope: Jock (When you are confronted with an obstacle or hazard that

must be overcome physically, spend a Brave Token to add +3 to your roll, in addition to any bonus from an applicable Skill Patch.)

  • Flaw: Arrogant
  • Patches: Hiking, Swimming, Archery, Self-Defense

Flight (20), Brain (12), Grit (10), Brawn (8), Fight (6), Charm (4)


  • Supply: 0/3
  • Pocket 1: Pocket Knife
  • Pocket 2: Whistle

Pack Items

    • Canteen
    • Sleeping bag
    • Swimming clothes


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • X


  • X.X

Friends and family members

  • parents (Emily and Hao-yu Tan)