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Player Characters


Screaming Narwhals Patrol
  • Motto: "We are the managers!"
  • Fun fact: Technically the longest, continuously operating Tribe- during the early 80s, many Tribes temporarily folded or merged due to lack of enrollment, but the Screaming Narwhals retained enough membership to keep operating. They aren't the OLDEST tribe (that honor goes to the Boisterous Bullfrogs), just the longest stretch of continuous operation.

Tribe Bonds

Rachel -> Jamie (good)
I have a secret crush on Jamie and I don't want them to know.
Jamie -> Larry (good)
Larry and I have been on the same track team for years.
Larry -> Zeb (bad)
I really hurt Zeb badly last year, and I can't seem to make it up to him. [teased livestock and animal hurt badly]
Zeb -> Rachel (good)
I owe Rachel a favor after what she did for me.
Jamie -> Rachel (bad)
Rachel often does things that deeply hurt me.

Tribe NPCs


Alia Twigston, Tribe Master

  • Manners: Hyper-aware of others, driven by empathy first, practicality second, always has herbal tea handy.
  • Career: Volun-told by a judge to serve the community (other wise she is retired due to her fortune from selling the app idea). Also, just because I wrote "volun-told by a judge", it doesn't mean the tribe mentor isn't engaged with the troop.
  • Car: She drives a warm grey classic VW bug in good condition.
  • History: She made her money by selling a genius start up idea (a dating/meet-up app for cat lovers) at the age of 32, and now she just does whatever catches her fancy. For the past couple years she's volunteered some of her ample time by being the most rad Tribe Master one could ask for.


  • Name: Hollabruck

Other Notes

Nearest "Big City"

  • Name: Tambury
  • Geography: Mountain Crater/Lake
  • Industry: Tourism (year-round, mostly naturalists and sporting for the surrounding mountains, forests, lakes, etc., but also for the many "haunted" attractions in the surrounding area).