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Disposable:Junior Braves Survival Guide to the Apocalypse:PC/Larry

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Dad left for cigarettes, so Larry’s the man (age: 13; full name: Lars Shipfield) of the house until he gets back. Carla, his mom, always wanted to keep him neat and clean because he was handsome like his father. He would carry all the groceries at once, every time. Larry didn’t like to see kids get bullied, so he’d fight on their behalf. He learned quickly to come up with excuses for his cuts and bruises, or he’d dress them himself. Larry can’t have Carla worrying about him, he’s the man of the house. Scouts shouldn’t smoke though, just candy cigarettes and toothpicks for Larry.

  • Trope: Ruffian (When you try to solve problems through direct confrontation or sheer chutzpah, spend a Brave Token to add +3 to your roll, in addition to any bonus from an applicable Skill Patch.)
  • Flaw: Liar
  • Patches: Self Defense, Grooming, First Aid, Bird Watching

Fight (20), Charm(12), Brawn (10), Grit (8), Brains (6), Flight (4)


  • Supply: 1/3
  • Pocket 1: Pocket Knife
  • Pocket 2: Zippo Lighter

Pack Items

    • first aid kit
    • Fireman Axe


  • 1 Clown Attack
  • 2
  • 3
  • X


  • 1
  • Gun Shot Trauma

Friends and family members

  • Dad (whereabouts: unknown)
  • Carla (mom)