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Rachel Davids (13) did not come from a stable home. Her mother went through a series of divorces, addictions, and eventually arrests, which put Rachel into the foster system. Louisa Carpenter (current foster mom) pushed Rachel into the Tribe, and it was there Rachel found the stable family life hadn't given her. It's her shelter from the attentions of Steve (estranged biodad trying to reconnect). Ms. Sharri William, Rachel's social worker is a big fan of the changes she's seen in Rachel. Rachel also takes her leadership cues from motivational speaker, thought-leader, journalist, explorer, ambulatory TED talk, and peddler of branded merchandise, Otto Oathout.

Rachel, used to being on her own, overcompensates. She's Distrustful (flaw), and always wants to lead from the front, and be the Honcho (trope)

  • Trope: Honcho (When you help another scout with a task, the Brave Tokens you spend provide a +2 bonus instead of +1.)
  • Flaw: Distrustful
  • Patches: Leadership, Journalism, Truck Transportation, Personal Fitness

GRIT (20), CHARM (12), FLIGHT(10), BRAINS (8), FIGHT (6), BRAWN (4)


Pack Items

    • Canteen
    • Bedroll
    • dog-eared copy of "Around the World in a Hundred Ways: How to explore the world by exploring yourself" by thought-leader Otto Oathout
    • Chemlight
    • Vial of amber liquid


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • X


  • 1
  • X.X

Friends and family members

  • Luisa Carpenter (foster Mom)
  • Steve (estranged biodad)
  • Ms. Sharri William (social worker)
  • Otto Oathout (idol?)


  • Jamie: Good - Secret Crush
  • Zeb: Good - Zeb owes me a favor
  • Jamie: Bad - I often do things that deeply hurt Jamie