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File:Meowicon.gif Dr. Meow: A cat.


Curious cat
More Energetic than a squirrel on crack, the curiousity of a three year old, more technically minded than an android it's...Dr Meow! Master of Ultrascience! The mysteries of the universe are waiting to be discovered, gadgets to be built and secrets to be learned.
Sample Invoke: Dr Meow's inquisitive nature means that when presented with a ruse or lie he will always keep seeking the truth. He is simply hard to misdirect.
Sample Compel: When confronted with a mystery or new information he can be a bit obsessive. Wanting to know everything about it.
"Ooh, how does that work?"
Technology for the good doctor falls into 2 categories, things he is working on improving and things he hasn't taken apart yet.
Sample Invoke: He has taken apart so many things in his life that he can disassemble even the most complex machines more quickly than most people believe possible.
Sample Compel: When he comes across new, unique, or previously unknown technology he has an overwhelming urge to dismantle and tinker with it.
Can't go home again
After turning his (now) estranged family into tuna, Meow is not welcome at home. He travels often, seeking a way to reverse the process and to return to his previous life.
Sample Invoke: With his near constant wandering, the good doctor is an expert on where to find the best and most economical hotels, restaurants, and even vending machines.
Sample Compel: When he runs into someone who knew him before the "incident," Meow is met with distrust, dislike, and occasionally open hostility.
Don't ask, don't tell
Guest starring File:Chipsicon.gif Chips The doctor like puzzles, gadgets and problems. People are hard, they don't normally let you fix them. (Cybernetics and genetic manipulation are normally declined.) Meow will not ask what is bothering someone, though if they tell him he will be obsessed with finding a solution. (Probably a high tech one.)He cares but he is cautious.
Sample Invoke: "Oh you ripped your pants? I'm sorry. Would you like me to build you a self-walking, laser guided pair that turn into a boat when wet?"
Sample Compel: Being viewed as heartless when he doesn't ask the crying child what is wrong.
Power Mad
Ultrascience can accomplish anything, there are very few things that could not be improved with a bit of (atomic) energy. Dr Meow is obsessed with improving, repairing, and tinkering with just about anything. Primitive technology is inefficient, obsolete, and could be so much better.
Sample Invoke: "We could improve our speed 300% by enriching the fuel, modifying the engine, or scrapping the whole thing for a nuclear power plant and turbine."
Sample Compel: Avoiding a perfectly good baseball bat as a weapon and taking time to find a higher tech solution.


  • +4 Crafts
  • +3 Investigate, Will
  • +2 Notice, Lore, Physique
  • +1 Athletics, Contacts, Fight, Provoke, Shoot


Never without tools (Crafts)
Meow has taken apart so many devices at this point he can take apart a nuclear reactor with two paperclips and a twist tie. He is never without the tools he needs to complete his crafting.
Fate Core sample (crafts)
You hit my spanner (Crafts)
You can use Crafts to defend against Fight attacks made with fists or blunt instruments, though you always take 1 shift of stress on a tie. Dr Meow carries so many tools on him that a physical attack is likely to hit a wrench or hammer than actual flesh.
Fate Core sample (physique)
Attention to Detail. (Investigate)
You can use Investigate instead of Empathy to defend against Deceive attempts. What others discover through gut reactions and intuition, you learn through careful observation of microexpressions.
Fate Core sample (investigate)

Fate, Refresh, Stress and Consequences

  • Fate Points: 3
  • Refresh: 3
  • Stress
    • Physical Stress (Physique):
    • Mental Stress (Will):
  • Consequences
    • Mild (2): __________
    • Moderate (4): __________
    • Severe (6): __________
    • Extreme (8): __________



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