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File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter: Humphrey Bogart in duck form. Square beak, hard eyes, and a rumpled suit under a rumpled trench-coat. An independent detective working with Pinkerdown Detective Agency.


Hard-boiled egg
A tough egg to crack, Sam's cut from the same cloth as any other noir hero, just in duck form.
Sample Invoke: Boosting investigation when dramatically appropriate, during a case.
Sample Compel: Getting involved when he really shouldn't.
"I ain't backing down!"
Sam doesn't know when to give up, cut his losses, or just not bother with a fight that's not worth having.
Sample Invoke: Mustering up his courage
Sample Compel: Refusing to concede
Bald-eagle-eyed hunter
Sam has a sharp eye for detail, and uses that to track down whatever needs tracking down- crooks, ancient relics, etc.
Sample Invoke: Finding a clue
Sample Compel: Missing the "big picture"
No Brakes!
Guest starring File:Meowicon.gif Dr. Meow
Sam's the kind of guy that'd jump into a situation without any prep.
Sample Invoke: Controlling a car without any brakes.
Sample Compel: Getting *into* a car that doesn't have any brakes.
I'm on a job
Sam is good at his job, but that doesn't mean he's good. It's a job, and a job means getting paid. If he isn't getting paid, it isn't a job, and he might not do it. Think Fistfull of Dollars.
Sample Invoke: Turning what he'd do anyway into a profit
Sample Compel: Constrained against doing the "ethical" thing in favor of "the job"


  • +4 Investigate
  • +3 Contacts, Burglary
  • +2 Explosives, Will, Deceive
  • +1 Shoot, Stealth, Physique, Rapport, Fight


The Weight of Reputation (Contacts)
You can use Contacts instead of Provoke to create advantages based on the fear generated by the sinister reputation you’ve cultivated for yourself. You should have an appropriate aspect to pair with this stunt. ("I ain't backing down!")
Fate Core sample (contacts)
Security Specialist (Burglary)
You don’t have to be present to provide active opposition to someone trying to overcome security measures you put in place or worked on. (Normally, a character would roll against passive opposition for that.)
Fate Core sample (burglary)
Lies and Damned Lies (Deceive)
You can use Deceive in place of Provoke to make mental attacks, as long as you can make up a clever lie as part of the attack.
Fate Core sample (Deceive)

Fate, Refresh, Stress and Consequences

  • Fate Points: 3
  • Refresh: 3
  • Stress
    • Physical Stress:
    • Mental Stress:
  • Consequences
    • Mild (2): __________
    • Moderate (4): __________
    • Severe (6): __________
    • Extreme (8): __________



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