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  Attendance: Joe, Ryan, James, Randy
Supporting Cast: Lord Torcail, Pal, Franscisco Castra,Thale, Jamison, Isabella, Lady Riordan, Nancy, Father Dumas, Leto, Elder Stershan
XP: 700

Fighting the Lord of Stonington

Caitlyn: As we were about to enter the lair of the final, and most vile, of the Castras we were offered the opportunity by Thale to wait in the hallway while he went in and dealt with the foul being. Being brave and tidbit foolish, we decided to lend our support.

The battle was long and hard, and while in the end the forces of Morrow prevailed it is with a great sadness that I record the loss of three great heroes; Tolmek the singing trollkin, Pal the brave and strong paladin, and Jamison the hexblade.

With his customary insults, Thale left to pursue his own agendas.


Caitlyn: We burned Tolmek, which is the custom with Trollkin, and buried the rest.

Poor Tirotin crossed the line with Morrow during the ceremonies. He has been sliding away from the light of Morrow for a while now and he crossed the line during the memorial service. He said, "I'm glad they're dead." Caitlyn was appalled and so was Morrow as Tirotin's holy symbol began to burn him. Throwing it off, Tirotin claimed that something was wrong with it. Obivous to everyone but Tirotin, his god had violently abandoned him.

Reporting to Torcail

Caitlyn: We reported what we found to Lord Torcail and he rewarded us with proclaimations that are carte blanches backed by the extent to which Lord Torcail can exert his power, influence or favor.

"The best currency is the currency of favors." —Torcail

Returning to Corvis

Caitlyn: We stopped at the Riordian Ranch to pick up the letter to deliver to Nancy and discovered the indignant cook had been properly fired and replaced with one who appreciated the advantages. In the town we discovered that Isabella had turned to prostitution, which is unfortunate. She'll be spending the rest of her life thinking about why she shouldn't complain about what she had.

We returned to Corvis with the kriel of Trollkin and herd of cows in tow. (DM: Ahh, the mental images!) We delivered the letter to Nancy, as well as informing her that our clandestine activities were successful. We also sold the cattle, which was a little sad as it reminded Caitlyn of home.

Thus ended a big chapter of our lives.


Gold Gained Source
12,200 Cattle sale
300 Dook's Reward
50 Caitlyn's delivery reward
752.99 Tolmek's gold
494.46 Jamison's gold
682 Tolmek and Jamison's gear, after sale
3,449.36 gp Gained by Caitlyn, Tirotin, and Dook. (Gained by slush: 4131.36 gp)


  • Stilletto +1
  • Broom of Flying
  • Short sword (Claimed by Caitlyn)
  • Shortbow and arrows (Claimed by Caitlyn)
  • Sun rod x2
  • Potions:
    • Prot Evil
    • Shield of Faith
    • CLW (Claimed by Caitlyn for slush)
  • Holy Water x2 (Claimed by Caitlyn)
  • Studded Leather, MW
  • Great Coat
  • Potion of Cat's Grace {Caitlyn claims}
  • Potion of Cat's Grace
  • Potion of CMW {Caitlyn claims}
  • Potion of Unlabeled Necromatic potion {Caitlyn claims}
  • Evil leather armor
  • Short Sword, silver and +1

(NOTE: I've be added the loot from the previous Stonington page.--Randy 07:40, 5 June 2006 (EDT))

DM: You guys kept the silver short sword?...