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  Stonington 1 Attendance: Joe, Randy, Ryan, James, Herman
Stonington 2 Attendance: Joe, Randy, Ryan, James, Herman
Guest Starring: Thale Breir and Lord Torcail
XP (both sessions combined): 1800

In The Hunting Lodge

We found a note, the only one that wasn't encrypted, which read:

Vendarl 1, Glaceus.

Lord Torcail,

I’m terribly sorry about the surreptitious nature of the investigations by which I discovered the information contained in this missive, however, I believe it is very important for you to learn of it.

My compatriots and I have come upon a plot within the city of Armandor that has not yet transpired to public knowledge. As you know, I work for the Castra family ranch much of the year tending to the Braena stock. I found it odd that throughout the months of Octesh, Katesh and Goloven there were periodic visits to the estate by men (arriving from the south) who appeared to be Caspian businessmen. However, these men never arrived nor departed with any goods. When they arrived, Franscisco himself would greet them and they would quickly be ushered inside the mansion, where they would stay for exactly three days before leaving.

At first, I thought they were but distant friends of the Castra family visiting, but the regularity was strange. Then, for two months, the visits stopped and I thought nothing more of it.

A few weeks ago in the middle of Ashtoven, the visits started up again. I was anxious to get to the bottom of the mystery, so we decided we were to use every pretext we could to visit Stonington.

Eventually, while visiting to request spring employment, we managed to overhear some conversations deeper within the homestead. They seemed to consist of calm deliberations of a very serious manner. While most of the details were lost to the echoes, I did overhear discussion of a great deal of money (to the order of tens of hundreds of gold pieces). One particularly disturbing phrase I heard the mystery guest speak quite clearly was, “Of course dear Franscisco. Of course you will then be the most powerful man in Armandor.”

I was discretely scribbling down notes of what I overheard, but I fear that I was noticed. One of the older Castra children walked by the waiting hall, dressed as if he were going out for an evening stroll, and noticed my writing. Instead of continuing outside, he turned astride and went back deeper. I noted his footsteps going towards the sources of the voices, which fell silent at the same time the motion stopped.

Not soon after, Mrs. Castra quickly tended to my needs personally, and saw me out. I fear my investigations may have been discovered and I hope my letter finds you in good health. I am going to lay-low for a few weeks at my hunting lodge should you need to contact me.

Salvades Distroya

Come to my window

While getting ready in the morning, Caitlyn heard a male voice talking to her in Shyr, the elven language who told her that he has a mission to accomplish otherwise he would slay her for being a wizardess.


DM notes: So, you guys in the encounter in the dining room (the single "draw five cards" room) managed to draw almost the hardest possible encounter -- The two teens (each of which came with his friend), two of the "oldsters" and only one of the children.

Hopefully you're at least moderately enjoying Stonington. I had fun putting it together. Please remember your HP and spells! It will be important!

The Prankster, the only one completely defeated so far, was Rogue 1 with Expertise and I. Feint.

EDIT: Oh, you also returned The Fickle's glaive to the great hall and set him off to running around the balcony. He was a scout 1 with dodge + mobility.


The Castras, as met

  • Anson Weed, the Major Domo, older male who threw stuff
    • Great coat, poker (dagger), and leather armor
  • Devlin Hitch, the Steward, older female who issued lots of orders
    • Mace, Chain mail, pot lid (shield)
  • Biella, the Dilettante, teenage female bard
    • In over-sized Dress, Dagger
  • SOLVED—Lupo, the Prankster, boy who pranked and stole
    • spear
  • Diego, the Hunter, teenage boy who used a bow really well
    • Studded leather and a bow. Shot in the head by Dook
  • Giana the Tomboy, male-female who dropped sawdust
  • The Animal Lover, boy who had a dog with him
  • SOLVED—The Fickle, boy who liked to run
    • Short sword
  • Sandrea, the Toddler, female toddler who headbuts

Left the building

  • The Swordsman, teenage male dual shortswords (not a Castra, left)
    • Two Short swords and studded leather
  • The Friend, teenage boy who used ray spells (not a Castra, retreated to the town guard)

The Castras, according to Lord Torcail

Names that have been struck through have been encountered.

  • Castellan Franscisco Castra
  • And his wife, Oliviana Castra
  • With their children: Diego (15), Biella (14), Lupo (9), Giana (7), Jaspar (5), Manario (4), Sandrea (2)
  • Their Staff, Anson Weed the Major Domo, Danola Lioni the Nanny, Devlin Hitch, the Steward and Sadko Tasbor, the Butler.

Room Descriptions

These are only the rooms you interacted with. Feel free to mark them up based on your memory/findings.

Stonington 1.jpg
Stonington 2.jpg
  1. Entry
    Description: Set far beyond the edge of the estate is the actual Mansion. A large plaque under the windows to the left reads “Stonington”. The entry way is covered and wide, allowing for easy coach access to the main door. There are a variety of shrubs decorating around the entire exterior of the mansion. Something is missing, but you can’t quite place what.
  2. Porch
    Description: The porch looks comfortable. There is a pair of rocking chairs here, and a table with a set of lunchware set out. Something is missing, but you can’t quite place what.
  3. Entrance Hall
    Description: The entrance hall has seating for half a dozen. There are hunting trophies and family portraits on the walls to entertain people while they way. On the side next to the fireplace (which, like all fireplaces you’ll find have a full set of bronze pokers, shovels, bellows, and the like) is a table with a disorganized array of books on it. All of the books are travellogues. Something is missing, but you quite quite place what.
  4. Washroom
    Description: Welcome to the washroom. This is the first room most visitors to the house would see. One entire wall is occupied by coat racks, while the middle of the room has a series of tables with wash basins and pitchers. The fireplace in this room is modified to allow water to be warmed above it. There is also a series of foot lockers stacked in the corner. Something is missing, but you can’t quite place what.
  5. Great Hall
    Description: The great hall is an impressive room. It’s posh. There are a few occasional couches, but most of the room is wide open. Along the edges are series of mannequins wearing arms and armor. Three huge fireplaces dot the walls. A wide balcony winds around the room, whose ceiling raises up fourty feet to the top of the second floor. The south edge of the room between two sets of double doors has a raised stage with a bass, cello, viola, and two violins. Something is missing, but you can’t quite place what.
  6. Hall
    Description: This hallway is almost ninety feet long. The floor, walls and ceiling all seem to be the same dark wood that is polished to a sheen. If you were even slightly inebriated, you predict you’d probably get dizzy and fall down from the confusing lights. Two side passages go off about half way down the hall way. At regular intervals are ornamental mirrors and shiny, pompous sconces. Something is missing, but you can’t quite place what.
    1. A Stairs
      Description: Here are a set of stairs that go both up and down. There’s a plush couch both at the bottom of the stairs and on the landing between floors. The floor shows that this area gets a lot of traffic.
    2. B Antechamber
      Description: This cramped room is decorated more of the same hallway you just exited, but walled off to provide extra protection to the bathroom and to cut down on drafts from outside.
    3. C Exit
      Description: Behind the curtain that is gently moving with the draft is a wrought iron gate, behind which are stairs. These stairs lead down to a heavy doubled door that is chained and locked.
  7. Drawing Room
    Description: Even though this is the drawing room, few doodles have probably ever taken place here. Short for the Withdrawing room, this room is comfortable. It is kept darkecho-free and warm. Even now a fire burns in the fireplace. The floors here are carpeted a deep red (conveniently, the same color as wine stain). Plush couches and chairs (none’s patterns maching another’s) dot the room seemingly at random. The huge bow window at the east of the room is covered by heavy curtains. There are wine racks here are stocked full, and the bar by the window looking out to the smoking room is a drunkard’s heaven. Something is missing here, but you can’t quite place what.
  8. Boudoir
    Description: Ladies only! This is the boudoir. While the Drawing room is unisex, and the Smoking Room is for the men, the boudoir is for women. It would be clean, neat and comfortable place to retreat to when your corset makes you want to faint. The northern wall which overlooks the veranda is well-stocked with powder, blush and other makeup needs. A darning and stain removal table is nearby. Something is missing here, but you can’t quite place what.
  9. Library
    Description: This is the library. The books are mostly works of fiction, but there are references (mostly relating to agricultural industry and history). There are small tables about, each with a candle and pitcher of drinking water. If something were missing from the bookshelves, you’d be hard-pressed to know.
  10. Haven't explored yet
  11. Haven't explored yet
  12. Dining Room
    Description: Oh the ceremonial dining room. This is probably the largest room in the mansion. A pair of long tables run parallel down the room, with the fireplace between them. Each is perpetually set out with everything you would need for a banquet. Five forks, multiple spoons, everything in silver. To the west are a series of elegant glass doors that lead out to the raised patio, where one could enjoy a meal watching the sunset across Ord. Something is missing here, but you can’t quite place what.
  13. Gathering Room
    Description: This is the gathering room. When there are not soirees happening, this is the room where meals are typically served. There is a simple table with simpley, every-day cutlery. You’d predict that during a banquet, this is where the house staff would gather to make sure everything goes by smoothly. Right now, it is spick-and-span. Everything’s missing.
  14. Haven't explored yet
  15. Kitchen
    Description: Kichen. Benches and food preparation supplies are everywhere. Two huge couldrons are over the dark fireplace. The room’s a mess. Something is missing, you know it. But, you don’t know quite what.
  16. Scullery
    Description: Also known as the Dirty Kitchen, welcome to the scullery. Already-cured carcasses hang in the corner, areas to clean dishes and discard food are around. If any part of the mansion is allowed to go without cleaning, it is here. As such, search all you want. You won’t know what’s supposed to be here and isn’t!
  17. Haven't explored yet
  18. Haven't explored yet
  19. Haven't explored yet
  20. Bathroom
    Description: I won’t go into the details.
  21. Haven't explored yet
  22. Haven't explored yet
  23. Haven't explored yet
  24. Haven't explored yet
  25. Smoking Room
    Description: The northern wall to this “room” is left open to the wind. Plain chairs are around, and copious ash-filled ash trays spot the tables. There’s a big bag of huaga on the sheltered table abutting the drawing room, with some pipes and leaves. Something’s missing, though.
  26. Haven't explored yet
  27. Balcony Hall
    Description: On the second floor, the long hallway continues to encompass the balcony that overlooks the Great Hall. It’s long and wide, and has seen a great deal of traffic.
    1. A Stairs
      Description: Congratulations. You’re on the second floor. The stairs go up farther.
    2. B Antechamber
      Description: Just like the first floor.
  • 46 Servant Commons
    Description: You heard a ton of noise from this room and resolved not to enter.


  • Stilletto, likely MW
  • Studded Leather, MW
  • Great Coat
  • Potion of Cat's Grace {Caitlyn claims}
  • Potion of Cat's Grace
  • Potion of Cat's Grace
  • Potion of CMW {Caitlyn claims}
  • Potion of Unlabeled Necromatic potion {Caitlyn claims}