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IK:Entering Corvis

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  9/22 Session James, Joe, Herman, Randy, Ryan. XP Value: 250

Corvis = big city. Watching a caravan (hired). 25 gp payment at the end of the journey.

Widower's wood. IK:Gunner Waddock (NPC), 5 wagons and pack horses. Vigo (human)

While traveling we wait to let a train to pass, then camp overnight. The next day we are jumped by swamp gobbers (15) using a fog machine. Loot 12 small daggers, 1 dart, fog machine. (-5 gp for transportation of fog machine). Three gobbers fled, with one pack horse and one sack of cargo.

Corvis, city of ghosts. Dense stone structures. Bridges and arches everywhere. Father Dumas at church of Morrow. Dirtier Venice, very swampy. New buildings built on the old. Dragons Tongue river passes through it. Black Stone Arches are nearby. 40 sp admission to the city. The fare to enter the city is one silver piece per leg.

Church of Morrow is on island. Dumas lives on top. Graveyard on the premises where lies important people and the lead Witch from the Corvis coven scandal. Five witches were tried and killed for the crimes in the widower's wood. Lead witch is buried on the grounds to keep her secure. Exact scandal is unknown. Father Pandor Dumas answers door, bows curtly and intro's as High Prelate of Corvis and pillar of the community. He is fortyish with gray hair and bald with side tufts, wearing simple robes and wearing EXPENSIVE holy symbol. Günner charges 50 gp for the supplies, more than the previously agreed price, Dumas hands him gems and Günner rejects the gems demanding cash. (Given 25gp payment)

Carried boxes to 3rd basement.

University is the most famous university in all Immoren.

Encountered troops, tried to find a person named Ammal to give letter.

Dinner with IK:Dumas, Tirotin says grace. Invited to rectory. Hires us to investigate grave robbers and offered room and board in compensation. Watch said that nothing was amiss (they interviewed the families). Slip of paper: Cygnarian,

  • IK:Sylva and IK:Monsonata family, city of Corvis northern graveyard.
    • 3rd: Largest boneyard in Corvis. Tiny stone building where the caretaker lives. Gum Bracher. Both taken the same night. Graves are close. Hellstrom greiving his wife, dead for 2 years. No one came when notified of the bodies missing.
  • IK:Gotack family farm outside eastern gate of city.
    • Go here 2nd. Small farm near eastern gate of city (outside). 3 room shack and farm vegetables and not too large of a lot. Woman outside is batilda Gotack. Bernie Gotack, head of household. Hagger Gotack is missing (body), died of natural causes, body missing a week ago, body stolen from farmland. Family hog upset all night, woudln't eat. Under apple tree, no apples. Hagger, jr. the 4 year old. Said that he saw grandpa walking like living dead in his dreams. Never spoke with the watch and only mentioned to Duams at service last week. Need his food, they're starving. Hole filled back in, lots of footprints, shovel is still dirty. Wouldn't allow Jamison to enter the house because he was carrying a weapon of an evil something or other.
  • IK:Sunbright family, Sunbright estates, southern Corvis.
    • Over an hour south. Mansion in rich district (suburbs) and is ready for the Long Night festival. Butler answers door. Family crest, merchant family and pedigree. Elger looks bereaved. Who's remains taken: Radnor Sunbright, 3 weeks ago, tomb was damaged, died 8 years ago and was a cousin, cause of death illness. Not permitted to see tomb, not noble. Gate is closed behind us.
  • IK:Hopless and IK:Burkett family, eastern boneyard, just outside gate.
    • 5th, graves of the poor. Poor repair. IK:Eggar, the bum and follower of evil god. Saw a beautiful girl dressed in white.
      • Hapless gravesite, wooden marker.

  • IK:Fullet family just north of city. (7 bodies total over a month, the last was three days ago.)
    • 4th: Farmhouse outside of town. One of the sons, fixing steps. Husband's body is missing. Chadner was a juror for the trial.

Reason for scandal was IK:Ulfas Borlach, head magistrate led investigator, prosecutor, judge, and executioner. (The trial was by jury. But people even went so far as to accuse them of being hand-picked.) There were 5 witches that seemed to be commonfolk but the crimes were indesputable. Folk were whipped into a furior by Borlach

Watch prepared for the rowdy crowds the Longest Night festival always brings. LNight festival:Triannual winter solstice, numberless day leap day. 3day celebration. Morrow frowns upon this party/halloween thing.

Explored into the 5th basement, different building and rats.

Caitlyn was being watched by hottie in white, with pale skin and dark hair, looks 17. Waved and no response.

Woke up 10 minutes before services, eastern orthodox.

Prince Leto overthrow brother and is now on the throne. Claimed that Vinter III is not dead but is unseen.

Selling bellows. Alchemists at Univ or Engines East (Steam jacks).

Engines East Steam Jack=magical mech. Mech at gates waves at us. First room is DMV. Gobber there tinkering with a pistol. Evaluates the smoke machine. Offers 58 gps and a sweep job and we accept. Dook gets to fire a pistol (for 10gp). Hits the brick we threw.