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The Father Pandor Dumas is High Prelate of Corvis and a pillar of the community. He had a wife in the past, but since her death, his life has been solely the church and caring for his niece, Alexia.

Though he is a man of only 40-some summers, his hair is completely gray and his features are craggy. He may look older than his years, but he is still tough when needed. The community likes and respects the Father, who has an excellent reputation in Corvis. Normally Father Dumas carries no weapons or armor, but if he needs to do combat, his rectory is decorated with a large steel shield, a heavy mace, and splint mail (all heavily decorated in honor of Morrow).

  • Dumas has offered the party room and board in the Corvis Cathedral while they investigate for him the missing bodies around the city.
  • Gave the party directions to the Witch Tomb.
  • His sister-in-law was the head of a Coven who where put to death.
  • He gave a key to Caitlyn for Alexia's room for a search to be conducted.