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IK:Grenade Hunt

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  10/6 Session James, Joe, Herman, Randy, Ryan. XP Value: 450.

Dinner with hot 17 YO creepy chick in white and Dumas. IK:Alexia, neice of Dumas. She spends most of her time reading, but there is probably more to it than that.

Breaking into the Sunbright Estates CorvisSunbrightEstate.GIF
Party hides in bushes while Dook goes for the tomb. Rose bush has some silk cloth that is white. Note: Dook is pooooooooooor with locks. Tomb is made of marble and the door is shattered from the inside out.

1gp@ for late entrance into the city. (Caitlyn paid for herself and Dook.)

A boy stole a sunrod of Jamison. Named IK:Leto. Mother is dead. IK:Gunner Waddock hired him to test us out. Leads us to a tradehouse, knock 3, then 1 and he'll let us in. Ogrun with HUGE hammer, named "Guard". Full value of cargo for info on church search. Need exploded shells back too. To summon Leto, repeat his name thrice, pause, and say it again. Or so Caitlyn thinks.

Find the grenade
Leave through the West gate and through the most optimal route, great city guide. Travel a couple of hours into the swamp. Wacko Druid with connections to Gertens family. Has a huge rat companion. We capture a single gobber after the combat. The rat bit Dook.

Small ShtSword (10gp@ 1#), small hide armor (15gp, 12.5#) 5gp@ (9gp to slush find.)

Mud is the guy they sell stuff to. Uses ice spells. Mud has the grenades.

Led to a IK:Swampy village. Three huts. They know Leto. Adopted Mother IK:Anna. Dhunia, revere that god. Mud is a gobber. IK:Falling Leaf is the crazy Druid. Anna has made pastries for Fallen Leaf.

Encounter Fallen Leaf, he didn't want to talk. We fought. 3rd level caster. We got the grenades. Two bags of 10 grenades each. (Leto used a grenade from HIS OWN pack.) Tent. Take the horse to Anna. Tent is trapped with fire. Bedroll, lantern, bag (3 little vials, big vial, baggie (herbs), and a box (camoflauge, single use MW hide kit).

Total gear: 2 small shortswords (20gp/2#), 2 small hide armor (30gp/25#), 9gp to slush fund, tent (10gp/20#), -1gp to enter the city.

GP gained per PC: 5 gp and 600 XP

Slush Fund: 8 gp

End at Gunners, no answer.