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  October 20, 2005 James, Justin, Randy, Ryan XP Value: 300

The party, upon returning to Corvis, decided to head for Gunner's hovel. In front of the building, we were stopped by Julian Helstrom and a couple guards. They were looking for Leto, who was hiding in the shadows. Caitlyn offered him her support. Convinced that they had not seen a Leto-like character, he left them.

They knocked on the door, and were met by Fergus, nephew of Gunner. He explained that he was to remain with the party until Gunner returns, and that we can leave the grenades in the church. Wonderful dinner made by Caitlyn. Then as we headed to bed, we saw Alexia wandering outside past curfew.

Next day, we visited a graveyard, tended by Gum Brocker. He claimed there were no clues from the graveyard 2 weeks ago when they were disturbed.

Next, we visited Superstitious lady (Lorna Fullet, who lost her husband, Chander. The party found out there that all of the bodies taken were members of the jury for the sorceror trials.

Caitlyn and Tolmek had a new buffet lunch, and shared it with Gum, who got a little too familiar with Caitlyn.

Meanwhile Tirotin and Fergus went to gather some information from the University. They talked with a Professor and confirmed the relevance of the kidnapped bodies.

The following day, we visited the boneyard, and Egger, a poor guy that spent time there gave us a tiny bit of information, and then notified us that he was evil. Tirotin tried to get his copper piece back.

After the service, Caitlyn decided to confront Alexia about what is going on, to see if she could discern any information regarding Alexia's curious activities. Alexia evaded her by fleeing to the bathroom. Alexia disappeared without a trace.

We left off on our way to the witch's crypt, to find out more about this investigation.

Caitlyn: I believe that Alexia is behind the missing bodies. She is most likely a sorceress—she's too pretty and the daughter of a witch. After we discovered that all the missing bodies were the bodies of the jury from the witch trial, we decided to go and explore the burial grounds for four of the five witches. (The head witch of the coven, Dumas' sister-in-law, is buried on the island with the church.)