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Dario accomplishments with his companions.

  • Uncovered the Prophecies of Man, was given several visions, and returned to the book to secrecy.
  • Rescued Sala the witch from death with a kiss, after having stood toe-to-toe with, and destroying, a Phantasmal Killer.
    • Also recovered a lost Dream Knight during this process.
  • Ended a ritual involving thousands of lizard men that would have destroyed the Aculemortis swamp and possibly more.
  • Discovered the origin of the Aculemortis swamp.
  • Drank a dwarf under the table.
  • Saved the Wild Leaf Inn by charging and killing an Assybah's handmaiden in a single hit.
  • Saved a small child, Joanna, from fire in Malyth's lair.