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RACE: Dwarf [aquatic]
ROLE: Feminist
Formerly played by: Joe

Dookette Stonescrub is the feminist incarnate, reciting offensive poetry about being raped as a little girl and how much she detests anything even remotely phallic. Despite this, her heart is that of a pacifist warrior, assisting her friends with song and subduing foes with jokes. Recently she was transformed into a unique creature on the face of Faerún, an undersea dwarf!

After a bout with a sickness relating to her possession of the Ring of the Waves, she decided that she should spend time with the sea elves trying to figure out why she was chosen to bear the ring. Additionally, she hopes that her presence will dissuade any of the crew of the Pearl of the Ocean from attempting to rescue their former captain.

Character Sheet

LRC:Dookette/Character Sheet