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RACE: Half-elf (Aquatic)
ROLE: frontline (grappler)
Formerly played by: Eric

Muireachadh was a wild aquatic elf with a violent streak and a love of alcohol. His role in the Watch brought him to assist the Warriors of the Morning Breeze, a position that he did not seem to enjoy. Known for crazy stunts in battle, he fell while fighting devils and was reincarnated by Robhim as an Avariel elf, however this was to be brief. While the Warriors were fighting the leader of the Blood Clan, Blood Fist, he successfully destroyed a pillar of magical power that bore the symbol of Mystra. The ensuing explosion vaporized him.

He also showed in awesome strength when he broke out of purgatory. He is most likely off somewhere hunting down artifacts to destroy before they in turn destroy some hapless adventurer. Also, he is most likely lamenting the inability to get drunk.

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