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Falcon was born into the house McCallister. The only son of Robert McCallister who was fearsome warrior and wise and kind ruler of lands. Falcons life was everything it was meant be until the age of ten. When is mother and father were strike down sneak attack by masked attackers. Falcon was not age to take the throne. His anut Debra came to the manor to roll of watcher of young Falcon. Within is short with his Anut and twin daugthers began to destory everything proir three generations. This was done by making deals with forigen lands and evil treatment of land subject. Falcon himself was beaten many times day. He was place in cells to fight harden man for scarpes of food for enjoyment of his anut and daugthers. When some one ruling body of the 5 kingdoms. Falcon would be wash and forced to lie and sign documents to give his anut more power. By the age 12 Falcon after lashing by his anut whip he was thrown out the the manor walls. To be left out for food for his anut dogs. He was saved by Ducan Hood his father former captain at arms. Falcon was taken to the greenwood and joins the hoods a group of warrior, thives, and warrior that hide in the greenwood that fought rebel war against his anut. He learn many skills in this time upon his sixteen birthday by the wisdom ducan hood and several very close run with his aunt bounty hunters he forced Falcon to leave for the newland in two years he could challenge his anut or her champion to single combat to take his throne.