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-5,160 Gold Piece

Baruk, the giant gecko.


  • Branded-on-hand tattoo of Torag's holy symbol.


  • Magic+2 Runeforged [Compassionate] Warhammer 8312 Gold Piece (+2/1d8+2/x3/5#/B/martial 1h) Compassionate
  • Magic+1 Battle Axe ? Gold Piece (+1/1d8+1/x3/5#/B/martial 1h)
  • Battleaxe [Silver] 100 Gold Piece (1d8-1/x3/6#/S/martial 1h)
  • Crossbow, Heavy 50 Gold Piece (1d10/19–20/×2/120'/8#/P/simple)


  • Magic+2 Full Plate 5750 Gold Piece (+10 armor bonus AC/+1 max dex/-6+1...-5 ACP/50#/heavy) Embossed ornately with holy symbol of Torag
  • Magic+2 Heavy steel shield 4170 Gold Piece (+3 shield bonus AC/-2+1...-1 ACP/15#)
  • Magic+2 Ring of Protection 8000 Gold Piece Deflection bonus to AC
  • NOT WORN Magic Brooch of Shielding ×64 HP n/a Gold Piece Soaks HP damage from Magic Missile
  • Magic Medusa Mask 10,000 Gold Piece
    • +4 bonus (untyped) saves vs visual effects (gaze, sight-based illusion, etc)
    • 1/day 30' range DC 15 Fortitude or Flesh to Stone for 1 minute.
  • Wondrous ItemWondrous, Pale Lavender Ellipsoid Ioun Stone Absorbs spells of 4th level or lower ×6 spell levels
  • Magic [Horn of Goodness] 6,500 Gold Piece


  • Magic Broom of Flying 17,000 Gold Piece
  • Magic Cape of the Eagle Feather Fall, fly as eagle [1] 7000 Gold Piece
  • Magic2nd Pearl of Power 4,000 Gold Piece
  • Magic Boots of the Winterlands 2,500 Gold Piece
  • Magic Boots of Striding and Springing [2] 5500 Gold Piece
  • Magic Everfull Goodberry Bag Berry takes a minute to pull out. From Yap, Fae-crafted
  • Magic Magic of Positive Channeling 11,000 Gold Piece +2d6 when channeling positive energy; Periapt but amulet slot
  • NOT WORN Magic Ring of Jumping 2,500 Gold Piece +5 competence bonus on jumps
  • Magic Handy Haversack 2,000 Gold Piece
  • Magic+2 Headband of Inspired Wisdom 4,000 Gold Piece
  • Magic+2 Belt of Giant Strength 4,000 Gold Piece
  • Magic+3 Tome of Understanding 82,500 Gold Piece Already read.
  • Magic Gloves of Swimming and Climbing 6250 Gold Piece +5 competence Swim, Climb. Effeminate looking, always clean, smells STRONGLY of lilac.
  • "Far Away Tea" ×2
    • Like this, but a tea instead of incense. And for the Reach Spell instead of maximize. Applies to any prepared caster (not just divine).


  • WandWand, Stabilize Lvl 0CL 1 7.5 Gold Piece ×40
  • WandWand, CSW Lvl 3CL 5 ×50 225 Gold Piece
  • WandWand, CMW Lvl 2CL 3 ×3 90 Gold Piece
  • WandWand, CLW Lvl 1CL 1 ×258 15 Gold Piece
  • PotionPotion, CSW Lvl 3CL 5 750 Gold Piece ×57
  • PotionPotion, CMW Lvl 2CL 3 ×2 300 Gold Piece
  • OilOil, Rope Trick Lvl 2CL 3 300 Gold Piece
  • WandWand, Searing Light Lvl 4CL 7 ×2 420 Gold Piece
  • OilOil, Magic Weapon Lvl 1CL 1 ×2 50 Gold Piece
  • ScrollScroll, Magic Weapon Lvl 1CL 1 25 Gold Piece
  • WandWand, Bear's Endurance Lvl 2CL 3 90 Gold Piece ×111
  • PotionPotion, Gaseous Form Lvl 3CL 5 750 Gold Piece 10 minutes
  • ScrollScroll, Obscuring Mist Lvl 1CL 1 25 Gold Piece
  • ScrollScroll, Protection from Energy Lvl 3CL 5 375 Gold Piece
  • OilOil, Arcane Mark Lvl 0CL 1 25 Gold Piece
  • PotionPotion, Charm Person Lvl 1CL 1 50 Gold Piece
  • PotionPotion, Reduce Person Lvl 1CL 1 50 Gold Piece
  • PotionPotion, Status Lvl 2CL 3 300 Gold Piece
  • Wondrous ItemWondrous, Dust of Appearance 1,800 Gold Piece
  • Holy Water ×3 25 Gold Piece


  • Backpack
  • Bedroll
  • Flint and Steel 1 Gold Piece
  • Healer's Kit
  • Outfit, Scholar's
  • Spell Component Pouch
  • Holy Symbol [Wooden]
  • Cold Mountain Climber's Kit 100 Gold Piece

Non-Core Spells

Extra Spells
Divine writings granting access to the following non-core spells. Written by a wild, nomadic cleric of shamanistic traditions. [3]
  • 9 Polar Midnight
  • 8 Nine Lives
  • 7 Magnetic Field
  • 6 Summon Stampede
  • 5 Pillar of Life
  • 4 Curse Terrain
  • 3 Hydrophobia
  • 2 Shield of Shards
  • 1 Moment of Greatness
  • 0 Spark
School evocation; Level cleric/oracle 2, ranger 2
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S
Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Targets two creatures/level, no two of which may be more than 30 ft. apart
Duration 1 round/level
Saving Throw none; SR no
You reveal how the norns have entwined the fates of nearby allies and enemies. For every ally targeted by this spell, you must also target an enemy within range. If you do not do this, the spell fails.
For the duration of the spell, every target gains a +2 insight bonus on saving throws, attack rolls, ability checks, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls made against opponents also affected by the spell. In addition, all critical hits are automatically confirmed against such opponents and all targets can identify fellow subjects of this spell by sight, as a free action.
If a subject of the spell makes any of the above checks against a target other than those also subject to this spell, the subject suffers a –2 penalty.
School necromancy; Level antipaladin 1, cleric/oracle 1,sorcerer/wizard 1
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S
Range touch
Target quadruped touched
Duration permanent
Saving Throw Fortitude negates; SR yes
This spell subtly disables a quadruped (such as a horse, cow, or other four-legged animal) such that it can no longer move at its normal speed without incurring injury. An affected creature that moves more than half its base speed takes 1d6 hp damage. The creature’s rider or someone tending the creature notices the damage with a DC 15 Heal or DC 20 Perception check.
School evocation [electricity]; Level bard 0, cleric/oracle 0, druid/shaman 0, sorcerer/wizard 0
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (thin metal wire)
Range personal
Effect thunderous noise
Duration instantaneous
: Saving Throw none; SR no
A loud, thunderous noise echoes all around you, drawing the attention of creatures within hearing distance. The noise is clearly audible up to 3,000 ft. away over clear terrain.