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Undeclared locations

  • Gates (that break and allows the demi-planes in)
  • Library of Bignon



  • Lisway (City)
    • Home of the Sorcier
    • Dorchen castle
    • By the Ocean


  • Former "Breadbasket of the world"
  • Mount Vili (on Condrol and Parlimain border)
  • Mystic Gate in which the Lost Adventurers traveled

Most of its power resides in the northern Hallbeirge continent, however, they have been expanding and laying claim to previously unclaimed territory across the sea.

Condrol is a close cousin to Arkstone, so the language is basically the same.

Government is a Duarchy, jointly ruled by an Astrologer and a Queen. The Astrologer is appointed by a realm’s coven every zodiac cycle (12 years). The Queen serves for life.

Capital City—Waldhambach

  • Pre-revolutionary Waldhambach: Ou il d'aime bac, way back when. It's originally a ferry town. "Where they love them the ferries"


  • Real world analogy — North America before European invasion.
  • Home of the first Wildbloods
  • Civilization nearly overrun by a nature demi-plane


  • Real world analogy — Middle East, sort of. Palimar was once the crowning point of civilization in the world, then something happened and it was made inhospitable (over years? centuries?) and overrun by nature.
  • Started the Zodiac War was back when

Home to aboriginal geniuses that have replaced a long dead advanced culture. There are caches of long forgotten libraries in the deadly lands of Palimar.


  • Undead Revolution, lead by Arvad the Bloody


  • Real world analogy — Russia. Most of the people from here are dark skinned though.
  • Controls Condrol
  • Mistara (City)


  • Real world analogy — Arabia and India

Mahakala (Captial)

  • Founded by the ancient dragon Mahakala'as'saroud
  • Port city. Sits between the oceans and the mountains.
  • The royal family resides here.
  • Home of the great Crystal Rose Gardens.

Al Hatin (City)

Herezar (City)

Adehi (City)

  • Port city on the river of Nusasil.

Latadsaya (City)

  • Secondary port city. Sits on the other side of the country from Mahakala.

Qarout (City)

  • Known for the highly specialized form of magic.

Al Fahuk (City)

Tal Kasrah (City)

Ihnadh (City)

  • Built into the side of a great plateau, this city is known for The Vault, a precious library full of ancient tomes and knowledge.

Zakhona (City)

El Alasan (City)

  • Most of the continent's horses are bred and raised here.