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An aspect is a phrase that describes something unique or noteworthy about whatever it’s attached to. The best aspects are double-edged, say more than one thing, and keep the phrasing simple. Everything can have an aspect, items, locations, characters, etc.

How It Works (Mechanics)

To invoke an aspect, describe how the aspect helps, spend a fate point and choose of the benefits from below. This is not an action and can be used at any time, even as a reaction.

  • Reroll a single d20 roll or force an opponent to reroll a single d20 roll.
  • Add 2d4 to the result of the roll. (DM-d20.jpg DM: Note that this value has increased from the 1d6 used in the disposable. Still working on finding the sweet spot.)
  • EXPERIMENTAL When dealing damage, get a draw from the Critical Hit Deck instead of the usual damage.

Compelling an aspect is when an aspect is being used as a hindrance against you. When an aspect is tagged by the GM to your detriment, called a complication, you have a choice—accept the complication and gain a fate point, or spend a fate point to avoid it.

To create an aspect you must use a standard action and an appropriate skill against a DC set by the DM. For instance, to give an opponent the aspect blinded by sand a player would make a ranged touch attack against a set DC and if successful the target would gain that aspect. This does not cost a fate point. When creating a new aspect the player creating it gets a free invocation on it, which may be passed to another character, if desired (and works with the setup).

Aspects and Characters

Each PC will have five (5) aspects.

High Concept
This is the core definition of your character, such as Monster-slaying Accountant, Womanizing Italian Paladin, or Black Sheep Cousin of the Mayor.
Trouble Aspect
This is where you make your character interesting. These are personal troubles or conflicts with organizations, such as Haunted by the Spirits of your Clan, Anger Management Issues, or Wanted by the Knights of the Round Table.
Dwarven Aspect
This aspect ties into your dwarven heritage, e.g. Head like a rock, An eye for gemstones, Silent as the bedrock, and One with the forge.
The remaining two aspects will tie in your story to the other players.
Talk to the GM about this if you aren't present for group chargen.
These will be added as play moves forward.