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Character Generation

See Character Creation.

Alterations and Access

When something deviates from what is written or is banned, it is documented at Alterations.

House Rules

Characters, objects, locations, and scenes may have aspects. Aspects are better defined at Aspects.
Come in three flavors—minions, regular, and boss.
Minions are battlefield fodder and typically have 1hp per HD.
Regular opponents have a typical range of hit points, from what is printed to maximum. (Sometimes less.)
Bosses are tough fights and they are modified as-needed. Frequently they may bend, and sometimes break, the rules. This may include making them gestalt-style characters.
The role of alignment in the game will be near null, as a lot of its functionality is being replaced by aspects.
Alignment requirements for classes should stand as behavioral guidelines.
In the event that a spell or effect requires alignment to determine targets, the GM will adjudicate this as he feels is appropriate. (This will never be a surprise.)
Critical Hit and Fumble Decks
These decks will be used in lieu of the usual rules for critical hits and fumbles.
Save or Die Spells and Effects
"Save or Die" refers to spells and abilities that with a single failed saving throw removes a character or entity from play. Generally these make the game less fun, so they will be used rarely.
In many circumstances alternate rules will be implemented to make the spell or ability usable in play. For example the spell Flesh to Stone may be modified so that on a failed save the target permanently loses 2d4 Dex and gains 1d4 points of Natural Armor until 0 Dex results in them being turned into a statue.
All such changes are documented at Alterations.

Table Conventions

Initiative will be done via Web app and rolled each round.
This app is written by the GM and can be found at http://www.drinkinganddragons.com/init/.
Rolling Dice
Higher is always better. Better is in the eyes of the player rolling the dice.
Declaring Hit Point Damage
A character may declare themselves full (no damage), bloodied (less than half), dying, and dead. Refrain from declaring hit point totals.