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First, review the Rules and Alterations pages.

Character generation is identical to the method used by the Pathfinder Society except as stated below. Download the PFS Guide.

Ability Scores

We will use the purchase system and you will have 20 points to spend on abilities. (This is identical to PFS.) You may use the Point Buy Calculator.

Race & Classes

I have a strong distaste for this class and actively discourage its use. The right character concept could be permitted.
I consider this to be broken. Banned without exception.
All Classes with magic item creation (MIC) feats
PFS removes MIC feats, however that does not have to happen in this campaign. Each player may elect to take the MIC feat or its PFS replacement.
Generally the standard races are desired, however exceptions may be made (rare).


All feats are fair game until proven otherwise. Broken combinations will be curtailed.


There will be no factions.


These may be selected from the Character Traits Web Enhancement or from the Rise of the Runelords Players Guide

Hit Points

Use the following values for die types—d4=3, d6=4, d8=5, d10=7, and d12=8. You will note that this grants more hit points to d10 and d12 dies.