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Bigby Wolf Refresh 2


High Concept: American Werewolf in Russia
Trouble: Animalistic Tendencies

Call to Action Aspect: World's Greatest Detective
Relationship Aspect: Undercover Brother
Aspect: Useful to the Organization

Big Issue: Iron Curtain from Space
Subplot Issue: Promoted into Obscurity

Stress and Consequences

Stress Boxes 1 [ ] 2 [ ] 3 [ ]

Mild 2 empty
Moderate 4 empty
Severe 6 empty


  • Athletics +1
  • Awareness +4
  • Burglary +1
  • Computers +0
  • Contacts +3
  • Drive +1
  • Fight +0
  • Gadgetry +0
  • Insight +2
  • Knowledge +0
  • Persuade +2
  • Provoke +0
  • Resources +1
  • Shoot +1
  • Stealth +1
  • Will +1

Stunts and Extras

Roles: Detective, Spy, Cop

A Thousand Faces (Spy)
You have mastered the art of disguise. At any time, you can choose to drop out of a scene, as long as there's a plausible exit route and you aren't being directly observed. In a later scene, you can spend a fate point to reveal yourself as an extra or mook, like a bespectacled scientist, a rank-and-file henchman, or a hooded cultist.
Officer in Pursuit (Cop)
When chasing someone on foot in a contest, you start with one victory.
Keen Observer (Detective)
When meeting someone for the first time, you can immediately attempt to discover one of their aspects using either Awareness or Insight (your choice) as a free action. The GM gets to choose which aspect to reveal, but it must be related to the their manner of dress, demeanor, posture, or something else similarly visible.
Eye for Detail (Detective)
When examining the scene of a crime for clues or evidence, you automatically succeed with your overcome action if the difficulty of the Awareness check is equal to or less than your Awareness skill rating.
In Their Head (Detective)
When cracking down or trying to find someone you've met before, you can use Insight instead of whatever other skill may be applicable.