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A blank character sheet can be found here to fill in for the wiki. If you need some help feel free to message Randy, Remy, or myself and we can help you with any questions on filling it in. Rich Editor is also available (look above the text editing box) for those that don't like code.


Races in the 3.5 Players Handbook will be the only races allowed.

Half-Orcs have a cosmetic change to in that they appear human. More info is detailed here.


We are using a 32 point point buy. A link can be found to your left under "site-wide navigation" to help you build your character. Take note that racial bonuses take place after your scores are bought.


Current and new characters will begin at level 1.


Available classes and any changes to these classes are listed here; Character Classes. I will not be using the favored class rule for the races. It is silly and punishes creativity and unique character creation.

Hit Points

You get max HP at 1st level as usual. When you level, you roll for your Hit Points. I will also roll for your hit points, but my roll is made in secret. You then choose your roll or my mystery roll.


Feats from the Players Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Masters Guide are allowed. For new feats, changes, and restrictions, go here; Feats.


According to the changes in skills, there are no cross-class skills. Skill points given in each class remain unchanged. For more information in how skills can be bought and applied go here Skills.


Most spells are unchanged. Go here to what has changed.


Characters start with max gold for their class at 1st level to buy their equipment with. Currently, equipment may only be taken from the 3.5 Players Handbook and Dungeon Masters guide. No more than 1/2 of your starting money can be spent on a single item.