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A stout race that prefer to live in mountainous and hilly regions. They are often known as the most skilled craftspeople that can be found.

The dwarves currently face a hardship of a plague that is slowly taking hold of their entire race. The origin of the plague is unknown and the race for a cure is on the forefront of the races mind.

They stand 4 feet tall with skin that has earthen hues. Hair ranges from black to flame red. Most men have beards and women often have long sideburns. Their noses are often broad and they have pronounced foreheads. They are a very bulky race that naturally has tight, knotted muscle and thick bones.

Dwarves reach maturity at age 50 and can live up to 500 years of age. Men stand a little over 4 feet tall while women are a little less than 4 feet tall. Men average 180 pounds while women average 140 pounds.

  • +2 Strength
  • +2 Constitution
  • +1 Body
  • ½ Dexterity
  • Small Size- +4 hide, +1 creep, +1 defense rolls, +1 hit, -3 weapon damage, ½ lift limits, ¾ move
  • Thermal Vision
  • Low Light Vision
  • Hardy – Halve bonuses and penalties to hide, creep, damage, and lift (rounded up)
  • +1 to Profession skill of choice
  • +1 Appraise
  • -30 XP


A wiry race that prefer to make their homes among the coastal areas of Lundia. They have a natural affinity for water and most take to a career of working docks or sailing. They are also the first race on Lundia to naturally be able to use magic.

The elves are a matriarchal society and have had a queen rule their race for years. The queen was recently assassinated and the next in line to rule is her very young son. There is great turmoil in the kingdoms of elves as different factions strive for the throne.

Elves are slightly taller than humans, with females averaging 5’10” and males averaging 6’4”. They are very thin and willowy, though capable of great grace. Skin tones range from a light blue to sea foam green, and any color found in the ocean in-between. Their faces are narrow and their ears are pointed and often a full foot in length. Facial hair is often sparse, with small and well trimmed moustaches being the common wear for those elves that can grow them.

Men weigh 140 pounds on average while women weigh 100 pounds. Elves reach maturity at 100 years and it is believed that they have the ability to live forever. The oldest recorded elf was over 1900 years old. Their appearance reaches venerability at age 800.

  • +1 Intelligence
  • +1 Dexterity
  • +1 Charisma
  • +1 Magic
  • ½ Constitution
  • Low Light Vision
  • Spell Shard (1) of choice
  • +1 Swim
  • +1 to Perception skillset
  • -30 XP


A tiny race that came with other fey from another realm created by a deity known as The Great Mother. They revere nature and have a great understanding and power over nature and magic. They are the first race on Lundia to have spell spheres. Their homes are often discovered in deep forest.

They are a very tiny race, with both men and women barely over a foot tall. Skin tones run the variety that humans have. The color of their wings and hair are related. Wings are colored the same as their hair and one color deviation up and down on a scale of red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet-and back to red. Those that loose respect for nature have their colors turn to grays and are no longer considered fey but are called drey.

Men and women weigh about 10 pounds. Fairies reach maturity at age 5 and are immortal unless they become drey. A drey lives about 20 years after its dissension.

  • +1 Charisma
  • +1 Reflexes
  • +1 Dexterity
  • +2 Magic
  • ½ Strength
  • ½ Body
  • Tiny Size - +6 hide, +2 creep, +2 defense, +2 hit, -6 weapon damage, -1 reach, ¼ carry capacity, ½ move speed
  • Flight (B) – Flight speed = land speed x 2.
  • Magician (1)
  • Spell Sphere (1) of choice
  • +1 to Casting skillset
  • Graft Rejection (3)
  • -50 XP


Originally a race enslaved by the behemoths that descended upon Lundia, they are slowly being accepts as a common race among the planets inhabitants. Goblins are not too picky on where they call home, and they are a tribal people.

Goblins stand 3 feet tall, with women notably taller than men, and are very unique in that each tribe varies in appearance from another. Most non-goblins can only tell by skin color differences but goblins can tell by the shape of noses, ears, length of fingers and the like. They have large, round ears that are often adorned with piercings. Colors most often range from white, to yellow, to red, to green. They have three thick fingers and a thumb. Clothes are kept simple and are often made of furs and leathers.

The average male stands 3 feet tall while females often come close to 4 feet tall. Males weigh 45 pounds while females weight around 50 pounds. Goblins reach maturity at age 12 and live around 50 years.

  • Small Size - +4 hide, +1 creep, +1 defense rolls, -3 weapon damage, ½ lift limits, ¾ move
  • Low Light Vision
  • Other racial traits dependent upon goblin tribe. Goblin tribe racial traits can be rolled up here.
  • +30 XP


They are everywhere and are the most dominate race of Lundia. No other explaination is really needed.

  • Humans may choose either the Robust or Mana-well trait.
  • Robust reduces the XP cost of buying HP by 1.
  • Mana-well reduces the XP cost of buying MP by 1.


A large, brutal race that has a long history of being slavers and raiders. They live in small communities in plains and deserts. Kai’vair are commonly called wolfen by the other races of Lundia as a derogatory comment.

Having recently found new freedom from their contract with Darnauer, they have returned to their nomadic ways. Old clans have been broken and mixed, and most Kai'vair are on a mad dash for power, willing to forcefully take lands in their crusades.

Kai’vair tower over most other humanoid races, with males reaching 10 feet and female a little over 9. Their heads are those of great wolves and their bodies are broad and strong. The rest of their bodies are human except for a small tail. Their forearms sport thick, coarse hair. Their skin tones are most often a deep bronze or soft brown. Their mouths are very strong with prominent fangs. Kai’vair often use their bite to take down prey in their ritual hunts.

Males weigh up to 600 pounds while females weight around 475 pounds. Kai’vair have the same life expectancy as humans.

  • +2 Strength
  • +2 Body
  • +1 Constitution
  • +1 Dexterity
  • ½ Charisma
  • ½ Intelligence
  • Large Size - -4 hide, -1 creep, -1 defense, -1 hit, +3 damage, +1 reach, 1 ½ carry capacity
  • Bite – 3 E&B damage, +0 acc, -2 def, reach 0
  • +2 Intimidate
  • +4 Perception: Scent
  • -80 XP


A race of cat like people whom make their homes in large tree huts and fortresses high above the ground. They are known for their great speed that matches their need to sleep, where they say they connect with The Great Mother. Prides are run by both den fathers and den mothers. The women often doing the hunting while men often act as druids and philosophers.

Recently there was a shift in the ley lines that has caused the Permenex to get prophetic dreams that are seen as a form of spirit quest. This has casued the mostly secluded race to venture out into the world to try to carry out these visions. Those that complete the spirit quest gain a slight aura to them that is seen in the ethereal plane and is a sign of prestigue for the race.

Permenex have mostly human features on their face, though their ears are higher set on their head and are cat like in nature. They also have cat eyes. A long, furred tail is also present. Most notable is that their legs and feet are also cat-like in nature, requiring clothing made exclusively for their race and prevents them from wearing footwear. Though their hands are human in nature, they have retractable claws that are often used as weapons. Men are known to sometimes have a mane.

The men stand at 5’4” while the women are 5 feet tall. Men weigh 145 pounds while women weigh 125 pounds. Permenex reach maturity at age 14 and live to be about 60 years old.

  • +1 Dexterity
  • +2 Reflexes
  • +3 Movement
  • ½ Magic
  • ½ Constitution
  • Low Light Vision
  • Claws – 1 E damage, +1 acc, -2 def, 0-1 reach
  • Combat Reflexes (1)
  • +1 Wilderness skillset
  • Tail - +1 bonus to resist tripping and falling, +1 to balance rolls
  • -70 XP