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Build Stats

  • Body – Body helps determine your starting HP, limits the amount of armor you can wear, and adds to your build save. It is used in skill checks when the size/bulk of ones body would help in the situation.
  • Constitution – Constitution helps determine your starting HP, helps your build save, and lets you do straining task for a long period of time. Poison affects this stat most often.
  • Strength – Strength determines the amount of gear you can carry, how much damage you deal in melee combat, wither weapons are light, one-handed, or two-handed, your ability to hit with some weapons, and other feats of strength.

Agility Stats

  • Dexterity – Dexterity determines the characters overall coordination, ability to hit with some weapons, ability to hit with all ranged weapons, adds to your agility save, and adds to the characters ranged damage.
  • Movement – Movement determines how fast the character can move, adds to your agility save, and is used with most skills that involve movement.
  • Reflexes – Reflexes determines split second reaction, defensive maneuvers, adds to initiative, and adds to agility save.

Mental Stats

  • Charisma – Charisma helps determine your starting MP, adds to mental save, helps with initiating social interaction, and determines the general appearance of the character.
  • Intelligence – Intelligence helps determine your starting MP, is used in more skills than any other stat, determines starting languages and literacy, and adds to mental save.
  • Alertness – Alerness helps you avoid being ambushed and suprised, is used to notice things in your enviornment, and adds to mental saves.

Special Stats

  • Magic – Magic is used in spellcasting, helps determine your starting MP, limits the amount of mana can be spent per round, and determines how powerful a magic item the character can use.

Derived Stats

  • Initiative - You add your Reflexes + Intelligence - Mobility penality to determine your intitative. This is rolled to determine the order of combat.
  • Speed - Your speed is equal to your Movement x2 - Mobility penality to determine how many squares/hexes you can move per turn.
  • AP - This is the number of actions you can take per round. All characters begin with 1 and can be increased by taking traits and MagiTek Grafts.
  • Build Save - This is determined by adding your Body, Constitution, and Strength together. It us used to resist poisons and other effects that ravige your body.
  • Agility Save - This is determined by adding your Dexterity, Movement, and Reflexes together and subtracting your Mobility penality. It is used to avoid hazards such as sudden falls and explosions.
  • Mental Save - This is determined by adding your Charisma, Alterness, and Intelligence together. It is used to keep your calm and avoid effects such as mind control and illusions.
  • Essence - Your Essence is equal to your magic. You may not use magic items with a Magic Value (MV) greater than your Essence. Also, your Essence fuels MagiTek Grafts.
  • Starting HP (Hit Points) - Your Starting HP is equal to your Constitution x2 + Body. HP is added to you HP track from top to bottom, left to right.
  • Starting MP (Mana Points) - Your Starting MP is equal to your Charisma + Intelligence + Magic. MP is used to power magic spells and add extra dice to rolls.