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Božidar Milošević


Scion of Siamorphe (Cleric [Knowledge Domain] 10), the demipower of nobles and nobles' divine right to rule and rehabilitated felon.

Background: Criminal
Lawful Good | Human
Abilities Str 7 -2 | Dex 16 +3 | Con 10 +0 | Int 16 +3 | Wis 18 +4 | Cha 15 +2


  • (Prof) Deception, Insight, Perception, Persuasion, Stealth
  • (Double prof) History, Nature

Languages: Common, Primordial, Elvish, Celestial


Warcaster, Observant, Medium Armor Master


Light, Toll of the Dead, Guidance, Thaumaturgy
From Domain
command, identify; augury, suggestion; nondetection, speak with dead; arcane eye, confusion


(rare) Staff of Healing; (uncommon) Pearl of Power and Sentinel shield.


As a youth, Božidar would use his position as a court courier to know when nobles were not at home to break in to their homes and quarters. While on one such burglary in Lord Davor's quarters, he had to jump out of the window to not get caught. In the fall he got a scar on the top of his head, where the hair has grown white since.

Božidar's life path was to start as a courier and work his way up, perhaps someday becoming a Major Domo for a powerful lord. He never made it past courier due to Lady Mirjana Baković. She was a noble woman who convinced Božidar that the true path to power was to ignore the rules and make your own. Her dark and exotic nature lured him and she became his mentor. Mirjana planned a big heist and was double-crossed, revealed to be pulling a long con on the whole court. Božidar was jailed for nearly a decade his role in the heist.

But being jailed gave Božidar his true sense of purpose. While exploring the little used library he found a vandalized copy of Siamorphe's holy book. He felt a calling as he read the words and took them to heart. He begged for a sign to confirm his new path and that call was answered—by being beaten to the brink of death.

Despite Božidar keeping his reading to himself, some of his fellow prisoners caught wind of it and paid him a visit late one night, beating him to within a inch of his life. This beating left Božidar with aches and pains that he carries to this day, as well as a hand tremble that ensured his career as a burglar was ended. Upon release from jail, Božidar took with him the vandalized book, Siamorphe's Word, and a few links of chains from the prison as a reminder of the power of the nobility.

Lost in the world, with no where to go, Božidar felt a calling to enter a thick mist late one night while heading home after a late night at an tavern, and with that, his adventure begins.

Epilogue for Božidar Milošević

Božidar survived for ten more years after the fall of Strahd before succumbing to an unexpected aneurysm. He has no surviving family.

Nothing in Božidar's life stood as tall in the popular mind as felling the unjust tyrant Strahd, but this didn't stop him from working for the betterment of his fellows. Božidar spent his time, energy, and estate on improving the lives and circumstances for the imprisoned. He spoke eloquently and often about the injustices done to the incarcerated and lobbied for prison reform.

His effort was rewarded with Waterdeep passing House Bill-5: Enacting Prisoner Work Release for Societal Labor, commonly called Siamorphe's Favor. This law allowed the affluent to offer positions of labor on their estates—gardening, maintenance, the occasional butler—to well behaved inmates in lieu of the hard labor of the camps. Božidar was disliked by the prisoners for being made servants to the rich, while the affluent disliked how Božidar spoke truth to power.

Božidar's last years were spent presiding over a halfway house, The Broken Chain, where he would try to help newly released felons start their new life. Božidar would offer adventurers information and leads in return for a donated percentage to keep The Broken Chain going.