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High Concept: Sloth Tai Chi Master

Anthromorphic Tree Sloth who has mastered the mystical martial art of Tai Chi. Invoke: "I use the opponents attacking energy against him, using it to power my own strike" Compel: "We don't care for mammals in our hive"

Trouble: Painfully Slow

Moves incredibly slooooooooowly and intentionally. Invoke: "Removing the gem slowly without touching the sides is no problem." Compel: "Did you really think you could outrun it?"

Aspect: Disturbing Biodiversity

As part tree sloth, he is a host to a wealth of dependent creatures—moths, beetles, fungi, and algae. Invoke: "The algae that covers me makes it difficult to get a grapple." Compel: "The queen will NOT see you now. ::holds nose::"

Aspect: Covered with Intelligent Algae

Some of the algae that lives on Lotney plots world domination and manipulates him towards that end. Invoke: "The Algae releases a short burst of chemicals into my bloodstream that hardens my hide against the attack". Compel: "You are overwhelmed with the desire to fight the Ant Lord to the death for his throne."

Aspect: TBD


Careful +3 Clever +1 Flashy +1 Forceful +2 Quick +0 Sneaky +2


Lightning in a Bottle: Lotney may tap into the mystical arts of Tai Chi, swapping his Careful and Quick modifiers for a single turn or exchange. This ability costs a Fate point.

The Winds of Erosion: In close quarters combat, if an opponent misses Lotney twice, that opponent gains the aspect Winded (with one free invoke) as Lotney wears down their physical and mental resolve.

Overextended Monkey Paw: In close quarters combat, Lotney gains a +2 to his Careful Defense by keeping out of the reach of his opponent.