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[Tsk'Tsk is the] same thing as a bear! —Fuelwen


Thri-kreen 2, Rogue 3, Swashbuckler 1, Extreme Explorer 4, Fighter 2 (ECL 15 [LA +3])
N Medium Monstrous Humanoid (Reptile [Chameleon template])
Patron Deity Kord
Init +10; Senses: Darkvision 60', Low-light; Listen/Spot +5
Daryl Points 1 (+1 plot only) (Spend a point to cast Heal for 140hp)
Action Points 11 (d8s; Max is five higher)
Extreme Hustle Spend an action point for a move action
Extreme Action Roll max on action point and it isn't expended.
Speed: 50'; Climb 30' (Trackless step); May run or charge and make a 90 degree turn.


AC 29, Touch 20, FF 29
+2 vs traps
+1 vs AoOs
+X Combat Expertise
Close Quarters Fighting (against grapples)
+7 dex; +3 natural, +6 mithril chain shirt [+2], +2 dodge bonus, +1 ring of protection; Uncanny Dodge
HP 119
Fort +11, Ref +17, Will +9
+2 vs traps
Draconic Defiance: +4 to one saving throw against any ability used by a type Dragon creature. Usable once as a free action. Declare before the roll.

Resist Negative Energy 2
Immune Magic sleep effects
Special Deflect Arrows


Melee: Claw +19/19/19/19 (1d6+3) and Bite +13 (1d4+2+poison 1/day [Fort 15; 1d6 dex, Paralysis)
Melee: Adamantine Heavy Flail, mw +13/8 (1d10+3 19×2) and Claw +14/19 (1d6+3) and Bite +13 (1d4+2+poison)
Melee: Cold Iron Scimitar, mw +13/8 (1d8+2 18×2) and Claw +14/14/14 (1d6+3) and Bite +13 (1d4+2+poison)
Melee: Silver Rapier, mw +18/13 (1d6+1 18×2) and Claw +14/14/14 (1d6+3) and Bite +13 (1d4+2+poison)
Special: +2 on the Outlands (including Sigil), +1 on other outer planes and the Astral, and +0 magical on all other planes
Ranged: Longbow, comp, mw, str(+2) +18/13 (1d8+2 / ×3 / 110') Bane—Dragons +2/+2d6
Ranged: Tongue +18 (-)
Special: +2d6 sneak; +2 att vs Dragons; 3x/ever Smite Law (Chaos under Hivemind) +0 att +12 dmg
Space: 5'; Reach: 5'; BAB: +10/5; Grapple: +12


3/day: Chameleon—+10 Hide enhancement for CL*10min
3/day: Know Direction—The power reveals general information about your location as a feeling or presentiment. The information is usually no more detailed than a summary that locates you according to a prominent local or regional site. Using this power also tells you what direction you are facing.
1/day: Psionic Displacement—50% miss chance for CL rnds
1/day: Metaphysical Claw—+1 att/dmg with one natural weapon, CL mins.
Power Points: 1
1/day: Master's Touch—Swift; 1min@HD; prof with weapon/shield
Join the Hive Mind (1/2HD rounds) 1/day
Alignment becomes LN
Immune to mind-affecting spells and abilities
Cannot be surprised unless everyone in my clutch is surprised
Can activate this when it's not your turn in a surprise situation.
Only affected by fear if everyone in my clutch is feared
DR 2/chaotic or magic (also means you overcome both)
+1d6 damage for each size larger an opponent is than the target
Once — Golem Strike
Once — Vine Strike
Once — Control combat
1 reroll of an attack, damage, spell effect, SR check, etc. (Not skill checks or defensive rolls.)
Once — Dimension Anchor
CL=HD, CL min; Ranged Touch, no save, SR
Once — Resilient against planar alteration effects (open to interpretation when it happens).
Dragonfoe (Feat)
+2 bonus on attack rolls vs. Dragons.
+2 bonus on Caster level checks to overcome a Dragon’s Spell Resistance.
Dragon are a –2 on saving throws against your spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities.


Abilities Str 14 +2 | Dex 22 +6 (24 +7) | Con 18 +4 | Int 12 +1 (14 +2) | Wis 10 +0 | Cha 10 +0

Race: Deflect Arrows, 1: Action Boost, 3: Speed of Thought, S1: Weapon Finesse, Scout ability: Track (replaces trapfinding), 6: Improved Natural Attack (Claw), Ex3: Heroic Spirit ECS, 9: Combat Expertise (only with Headband), F1: Weapon Focus (Claw), Fleet of FootWiki Bonus, 12: DragonFoe Dcn 105, F2: Close Quarters Fighting CW 97, Adaptable FlankerWiki Bonus (Swift action, Opponent, count as if in another square & in current square)
Acrobatics (Dex) (9 ranks)
Balance +18 (+2 dual skill)
Tumble +18 (+2 dual skill)
Athletics (Str) (11 ranks)
Climb +23 (+2 dual skill, +8 racial)
Swim +15 (+2 dual skill)
Jump +53 (+30 racial, +12 speed)
+5 bonus with 20' run, DC not doubled for lack of run
Long Jump: DC = Distance (Ht at midpoint = D*.25)
High Jump: Ht = DC/4 (+8' reach, move action to pull up, Climb DC15)
Animals (Cha) (0 ranks)
Handle Animal
Concentration (Con) (0 ranks)
Craft (Int)
Skill (0 ranks)
Deception (Cha) (0 ranks)
Influence (Cha) (1 ranks)
Diplomacy +0
Intimidate +0
Heal (Wis) (0 ranks)
Inspect (Int) (8 ranks)
Appraise +10
Search +15
Legerdemain (Dex) (7 ranks)
Escape Artist +14
Sleight of Hand +14
Linguistics (Int) (0 ranks)
Decipher Script
Mechanics (Dex) (1 ranks)
Disable Device +8
Open Locks +8
Notice (Wis) (5 ranks)
Listen +5
Spot +5
Perform (Cha) (0 ranks)
Profession (Hunter) (Wis) (15 ranks, always max) +15
Streetwise (Wis) (0 ranks)
Gather Information
Sense Motive
Spellcraft (Int) (0 ranks)
Stealth (Dex) (15 ranks)
Hide +32 (+10 racial, +4 racial in sandy/arid)
Move Silently +26 (+4 racial)
Survival (Wis) (11 ranks)
Survival +11
Use Rope +11
Use Magic (Int) (0 ranks)
Use Magic Device
Use Psionic Device
Knowledge (Arcana) (2 ranks) +4
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) (5 ranks) +7
Knowledge (Geography) (1 ranks) +3
Knowledge (Nature) (15 ranks, always max) +17
Initiative (n/a) (0 ranks)
Speak Language
Terran, Thri-kreen, Celestial, Giant
Truespeak (Int) (0 ranks)



Armor Mithril Chain Shirt +2
Googles Goggles of Minute Seeing
Gloves Gloves of Dex +2
Cloak Cloak of Protection +3
Head Headband of Intellect +2
Ring Ring of Sustenance
Neck Amulet of Mighty Fists +1
Potion belt (free action)
Bless Weapon
Magic Fang
Magic Fang
Prot Evil
Potions (move action)
Remove Blindness
Remove Paralysis
Lesser Restoration
Prot Evil
Bless Weapon
Oil of Align Fang
Feather token—Tree x2
Music Box 35gp
Backpack 1gp
Chatkchas x4


Weapon Familiarity
Thri-kreen can treat gythkas and chatkchas (see the sidebar) as martial weapons rather than exotic weapons.