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Pauline is a devotee of the Goddess Brigid, or more accurately, she has been selected by Brigid as Her representative on Earth. So long as Pauline is suitable to Brigid's needs, Brigid will be relatively generous to her with Miracles. Abuse of miracles will, of course, be punished.

Brigid is the goddess of Home & Hearth

A devotee of Brigid maintains a home, supports a family, and provides hospitality to any that require it.

There are no restrictions on power used in the defense of a home, even if it is not Pauline's home. Any place where a family resides (metaphorical or literal, it must be a family) can be defended without restriction.

  • Pauline must maintain a home. There must be at least 4 primary residents and they must all depend on Pauline for support, whether emotional or financial.
  • Pauline's home must be a place of hospitality- no guest is turned away.
  • This home must contain a shrine to Brigid. A small tithe of food must be granted to Brigid with every meal.
  • Everyone in that home must be well fed and properly cared for.
  • Pauline must never turn away the needy from her doorstep.
  • Pauline must be able to provide basic hospitality within her home- food, drink, and other refreshments must be provided to any welcome guest.
  • Mechanically, Pauline may never buy off the drawback "Dependents" and must do everything she can to secure that drawback.

Brigid is the goddess of the Forge

A devotee of Brigid must hone her skill at the forge. She must be both blacksmith and farrier, and she must be able to supply her family with the tools they require for combat and for trade.

  • Pauline must regularly practice her skill at the forge, which may mean spending points to level up, or more practically, supplying her team with the weapons they need to do their jobs.
  • Pauline must be able to provide reliable transportation. She must save enough money from her work at the Vat to upgrade/replace her car.
  • Once a month, she must use her skills at the forge to produce an object 'd art- jewelry, decorative iron work, or anything similar.
  • Mechanically, when the opportunity arises, Pauline must find time to make a check to craft/maintain a weapon or repair a vehicle. Some proportion of downtime must always be used thus, although the explicit fraction is flexible. Pauline's current vehicle is also not acceptable to Brigid. Pauline must save up to replace or upgrade her beater so that a reliable, safe vehicle is accessible.

Brigid is the goddess of the warrior arts

A devotee of Brigid does not shy away from battle. She is a shieldmaiden, and must uphold honor in combat. She never initiaties a conflict, but she will see it through to the end. She does not fight for pride or glory, and only raises weapons to defend others.

  • Pauline can never initiate combat. She especially may never use a miracle to start a battle- only in response to attacks from others.
  • Brigid appreciates defensive action- miracles used to draw fire, hold the enemy at bay, or in any way defend another are always approved of. They may even be approved of during times where the supplicant is out of favor with her goddess.
  • Brigid understands that her followers may need protection. In dire situations, she will bless her followers to defend themselves. This is not ideal- they must make every effort to extract themselves. Frequent use of this could cause disfavor.
  • Brigid expects her followers to execute the best defense possible. They never retreat when others are in danger.
  • Mechanically, Pauline must always wait until the actual threat is clear before calling for a miracle. Pauline cannot use miracles if others are not in danger until she has started taking penalties due to Life Point loss. If there is a clear risk to others (like rescuing children from were-creatures, defending the rest of the party while they regroup, or similar situations to defend others), she may use miracles freely. Other situations may be more constrained.

Brigid is a goddess of the feminine

Brigid recognizes the prominence of men in society, and understands the value of their physical strength. But she does not approve, necessarily, of this status. A woman should be the leader of the household, since maintaining the household is her responsibility. Femininity is defined, for Brigid, as caring, nurturing, and defending a family (even a metaphorical one).

  • This boils down to "feminism", not "feminazism". It plays to Pauline's "issues with authority" aspect, but is distinct- she serves no one but Brigid. Any orders she takes are because they are a good course of action.
  • Actions in support of her gender win favor in the eyes of Brigid.