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Paulineicon.gif Pauline

High Concept: Everybody's Mom
Trouble: Issues with Authority

Been around this block, and that one too Paulie has a stock of life experience to draw off of
Right makes Might Strength comes from doing the right thing
Arrow of Brigid The goddess Brigid (or the Saint?) has selected Paulie for bigger things
Good Friends It doesn't matter to Paulie, everyone's a potential ally


  • Fp: 3



Strength 1 — Dexterity 3 — Constitution 4 — Intelligence 5 — Perception 4 — Willpower 5


Life Points 42 — Endurance 40 — Speed 14 — Essence 46
Consciousness/Survival 10/12 — Initiative 3
Essence Recovery Rate 1/min


  • Dodge 3
  • Engineering (Mechanical) 3
  • First Aid 1
  • Hand Weapon (Club) 1
  • Hand Weapon (Sword) 4
  • Home Economics 1
  • Mechanic 3
  • Research 1
  • Science (Metallurgy) 2
  • Electronics 2
  • Questioning 1


Dependents (Foster Kids) -- 3 points
They are possible targets who needs to be protected and are particularly vulnerable.
Emotional Problems (Too Trusting/Giving)
Compare to fear of rejection. A willpower check may be required to avoid giving aid.
Honorable -- Mild
Do not lie, betray friends or loved ones or anyone you respect. Others, particularly those disliked, are fair game.
Impaired Senses (Corrected Vision)
Without your glasses, suffer a -3 to sight-based perception checks.
Vulnerability (Fatigue) -- 2 levels
Lose two additional points of endurance when suffering from endurance loss.



No channeling required. Internal pool only.

The Denial
Cost: Variable
Consume your own essence to neutralize any supernatural power that uses essence if you expend more than the target.
Protection of the Weak (TharBZ 105)
Cost: 40; 24 hours or threat is gone
+3 to all attack and damage rolls, +2 to defense rolls while defending another, +20 life points, AV d6+6, +3 to survival and consciousness tests, immune to fear, regenerate LP at constitution/minute
Strength of Ten (Core)
Cost: 15 essence; until killed or battle is won
+5 strength, +20 life points, immune to shock and pain
Turn Aside Blow (TharBZ 105)
Cost: 10 essence; one attack only
Completely nullifies one attack. Might knock down the user.
Sword of Fire (BandoZ)
Cost: 10 essence; lasts until willed away or let go
Sprout a sword of fire. d6xStr slash+fire damage. Might be useful against a foe independent of its (in)vulnerabilities.


Cost: 15 essence / lb of adamant material. 1lb requires 3lb iron, 1lb silver, 2lb copper and 4lb iron, and facilities for smelting them. Molding requires an INT+appropriate check.
Adamant weapons have +3 to the damage multiplier and reduce AV by half.
Adamant armor has +1 to the damage reduction multiplier and protects against supernatural attacks which ignore armor.
Adamant items, like bullets, can be reused (after being reloaded).
Must spend XP to make items permanent: 1xp for small items, 2 for handheld items like swords. Armor costs 2xp for every 10pts of average protection.


Divine Inspiration
Access to miracles, as long as you uphold the source's (Brigid) commandments. Bars access to Invocations and Necromancy.
Allows the of supernatural powers. Greatly increases the ability to perceive the supernatural.
Hard to Kill -- 3 levels + 1 level from reward
+12 life points, +4 to survival tests.
Increased Essence Pool -- 5 points (25 essence)
Influence (Community) -- 2 levels
Bonus to social skills with this group, including Pulling Strings.
Pulling String (Workshop [Community])
ConXp89 - willpower + bureaucracy (+ influence) to attempt to have access to a workshop. Higher results yield better facilities.
Resources -- no levels
Average. $9k in property. $1500/month pre-tax.
Adrenaline Surge (1 level)
Lasts 10 turns. Str & Will set to 6. Ignore all damage. After the effect ends apply damage penalties and D10 damage.

Special Possessions

  • Leather Jacket (1D4)
  • Work-provided Armor (1D6+7) (modified to Adamant [2d6 + 7])
  • Adamant Cane Sword (D8x3 stab, D6x3 slash)
  • Rebar club
  • Toolkit
  • Cutting torch w/ tanks in the garage
  • Baseball Bat
  • Some heavier car repair tools- battery charger, compressor, sled & the like
  • Not terribly functional car, held together by regular efforts with said tools
  • PS/2 Model 60 w/ acoustic modem
  • A baggie of weed
  • Several cartons of off-brand cigarettes, which smell like death and hate
  • Run-down house in the Hill- up near the top, bordering near Polish Hill, but still in that solidly impoverished region.
  • Amulet of Brigid
  • Household Shrine (shiny rocks, various household objects within Brigid's domain, athame, chalice, etc.)
  • An old Korean War flak jacket left by her ex-husband
  • A Korean War M1 Garand, probably not in firing condition
  • A collection of mix-tapes made by her various children (mostly 80s/90s hiphop)
  • Booklight
  • Excalibur
  • Sword-Cane


Background Brigid