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Wednesday Knight Games:Hillfolk/Blessed Trouble

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Blessed Trouble.png

Blessed Trouble

I am: Blessed Trouble
Desire: To Punish
Role: Holy Fool
My story is of a person who... uses religion as a weapon.

Dramatic Poles

Spirituality OR Carnality

What I Can Do

  • (Strong) Talking - Redirection
  • (Strong) Sneaking - Hiding Items
  • (Middli) Enduring
  • (Middli) Knowing
  • (Middli) Moving
  • (Weak ) Fighting
  • (Weak ) Making


  • Gore: I want three goats back because he gave all goats to Vasha to get her started.
  • Vasha Lefthand: I want her to tell me where they are from the memories are painful and the knowledge is dangerous
  • Gore wants more dowry! WTF?!
  • Southern star wants me exiled by it is not in her power.