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Wild:10 Dwarves Will Breed With Anything

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Starring: Nathaniel-skull.gif Nathaniel, Pirate.gif Brilla, Bo-icon.gif Bo & Crocodile, Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen, Rake.jpg Rake
Guest Starring: Ethyl, Khrnd, Ogden, Advic
Challenge: Golden Wolves, Bo's senility, Rake's temper-tantrum
Location: Jungles on Solipsism, Dreamrealm, unnamed dwarven island, town of First Landing
Date Played: 14 May 2009

Wakey Wakey

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: Xannifer vanquished, we looted her castle, and freed her prisoners. Igoriana crafted Bo an artifact, and then told us a secret of the dream world. One could travel anywhere through the dream realm, and by so doing dream themselves to a point in the real world.

I could get to the sky, I hoped. She also suggested I seek out the gith people.

So we started walking. I knew that my companions, thinking my quest insane (I'm inclined to agree, but it is the quest I was given), were not trying to get to the Great Whale. That mattered little to me- I could get there, if only I could dream the path.

In the drink

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: And I failed. Nathaniel and I fell into the ocean. Lost, again, I saw an island, and swam there. Who should I encounter but the rest of our party, talking with an elderly dwarf.

Dwarves? Why? This island, christened Wild Tentacles, is a hub for Dwarven shipping. Not one among the party has any connection to this island. There's no reason any of us should have dreamed ourselves here. But we are here- so did we dream ourselves here, or did something draw us?

We spent the night with the dwarf, and set out for the main city the following day.

Rake.jpg Rake: Island was not named by dwarves. They felt island incomplete. So I named it wild tentecles for fuelwen. Let dwarves fight me for name. Puny dwarves.

Golden Pelt

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: Warned of the dangerous beasts on the island, we proceeded cautiously. Through mangrove forests and brackish swamps, I was pleased for the opportunity to spend a day traveling without having to walk the entire way.

Partway through the day, we were attacked by a pack of Golden Wolves. These electrically endowed hunters would surround their prey, doing electrical damage to their targets. A most dangerous breed, only to be challenged in numbers. It wasn't a difficult battle, but if the pack were slightly larger- if we keep voyaging about this island, we'll need to find better defenses against them.

The wolves had pelts of pure gold- truly valuable. I skinned and prepared them. Rake chose one to keep as a vest.

First Landfall

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: Near the end of the day, we reached First Landfall, the capital city on this island. There was some slight confusion in our initial meeting, but it was resolved. We spent the afternoon restocking and speaking with the locals, while waiting for the leader, Advic. Advic is willing to pay our passage to Drnin Tg, the local hub which connects to anywhere we like, but needs us to explore a nearby plateau.

Why? No idea. But my suspicion is that it's related to the force that drew us to this island. It's too convenient- a prominent, unexplored landmark, that we're tasked with investigating?

Raw Notes

dream realm talk
	stories of prisoners
	igoriana talk, advice
		how to travel
		offer to craft something from dream matter
		5000 gp market price max, one object.  anything
	travel the dream realm
		ethyl wonders, "why didn't i get back to my normal form?"
	nathaniel gets lost while travelling.  comes back from the dream realm sea normal.
	gets rescued, changed.  will saves DC 12
	while lost...
	destination island is approached
		it looks like a nice island, typical, although large.  it is steep and mountainous
		there's a small dock for a fishing boat, and a cottage at the shore
	old man in the dock, fishing, "Khrnd"
		he thinks nothing of the group's approach, or those of the people
		"i'll get my wife to cook up a fresh vegetable stew and get you beds ready"
		"naw, i don't need anything.  company is good enough."
		"i'm retired.  i used to be a poet."
		"i'm not alone.  there're a few dwarf towns around the island.  try going east for the better part of a day for the closest.  they call it 'first landfall'.  real original, they are.  we haven't named the island yet."
		"i came here with their first expedition to the island about thirty years ago, we stayed."
		"we came with the purpose of exploration.  i was aboard just to go anywhere.  and here we are."
		"what's mine is yours.  please, make yourselves at home."
		"do remember, this island isn't very tamed yet.  watch yourselves."
	First Landfall
		population 70
		decent dock, close to a steep part, early diggings
		sturdy wooden walls
		Ogden the tavernman
		"good mining here, so far"
		town leader, the ollam, is Advic.  shes pretty relaxed, for her position.
		the town's pleasant and welcoming.
		town activity...
		"the underground seems to be virgin rock.
		"we did find something we haven't explored yet, on the surface.  it's up on a plateau around the mountain, about two days away.  no idea what's there.  the plateau doesn't fit the geology of the rest of the island, so we think it's strange.  never thought much more about it than that.  you guys look like you might be better at climbing there than we are.  how about it?  we'll pay you, and book you passage back to the homeland."
		"we're not sure when the ship's going to leave, but it's within the next month.  we're running low on food."
		"back to our homeland, Drnin Tg, you'll easily find your way back to wherever you're going."




+1 AP Fuelwen +500 XP