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Wild:26 Battle on the High Sea

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Starring: Pirate.gif Brilla, Bo-icon.gif Bo, Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen, Nathaniel-skull.gif Nathaniel
Guest Starring: First Rear Admiral and his Lieutenant, Ethyl-icon.gif Ethyl, Deenar, Kotter Stonescale, Stumphy McShatterfist
Challenge: Celestian gateway; Huge ship
Location: Drn Tg, mostly in and on the water around it.
Date Played: 10 Dec 2009

Exploring the Celestian gateway

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: A gateway. The last one took us to the world's moon. Where could this one lead? Well, the first question: where does the pit lead? Brilla, feeling adventurous, climbed down into it and vanished.

Pirate.gif Brilla: Seeing as how we started a great waterfall above Drn Tg, I was now under the assumption that the hole before us led directly to above the island. Being the only one able to sustain the fall, except for Doomipede, I decided to harness the power of Ronove and jumped into the hole.

This plane sucks -- Quasi-elemental plane of Vacuum

Pirate.gif Brilla: The other side contained a strong vacuum, something that constituted most of the plane. I saw a small drift of rock below me that had enough gravity to draw me in. I moved quickly, knowing I could not hold my breath forever as this plane lacked any.

Once I was on the rock, I noticed a small metallic object that ran the path of the water. When I picked it up I found it to be a winged key. Knowing this would be of something of interest to Nathaniel, I put it away in my pocket and followed the path of the water, coming upon a hole that led me to a great fall to the surface of Drn Tg.

Once back on solid ground I quickly chartered a small boat to take me to Seawolves' Folly.

Nathaniel-skull.gif Nathaniel: With Brilla gone for so long I began to grow nervous. I dislike it when she is away from me and I began to pace back and forth, offering repeatedly to go after her. Fuelwen was able to talk me down but after a while he yielded, lowering me by rope into the hole.

Once inside I determined that there was no air. Concerned I looked around, seeing a crevasse that led to another hole, one that led over Drn Tg. As I did not see Brilla, I hoped that she left via that hole and was not devoured by some inhabitant of this plane.

My concern for Brilla is unusual. I've been life bonded before and my concerns are usually limited to how easy or difficult a replacement mortal would be. With Brilla that connection seems to run deeper. I'm afraid that my trip into the dream realm has rocked me more than I would believe. Feelings have started to bubble to the surface. I actually care about my companions.

Other feelings are also rising to the surface. Feelings of betrayals, lies, and revenge, sweet revenge. Perhaps that half-dragon dwarf thing was right, perhaps it is time to seek my vengeance.

This plane blows -- Elemental plane of Air

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: With Brilla recovered, we now had a key. Off through the gateway. On the other side, was a large block suspended in the air. On the block were inscribed ruins not unlike, yet slightly different, from the runes on the moon. Birds flew all around us, with no respect to conventions like "up" or "down". And a deflated, dehydrated blob sat in the center.

I memorized the runes. The plane was, other than that, uninteresting. Except for the blob. It was non-native, clearly. Injured, near death, apparently. But living, nonetheless. My associates told me it bore the marks of an Archon- a celestial being. Carefully, I took it with us. It was coated with acid and burned me, but the harm was minor.

I hope it recovers and retains some knowledge of the other planes.

Pirate.gif Brilla: Once I mad it back to the ship, we prepared for yet another dive back to the temple. Once there, we activated the key with song and jumped through.

We were on a sliver of rock that had various runes and some half dried-up celestial egg creature that had the ability to eat away at Fuelwen's scales.

There were also a great deal of birds there that harried us while on the rock. After a few swoops at us, we decided to exit the rock. Our timing was good as well since a very large bird was coming toward us as well. Fuelwen decided to take the blob with us as well.

Once we were back in the water the muck appeared to absorb some of it and was in a slight state of recovery. It will be interesting to see what it actually is once it does.

Nathaniel-skull.gif Nathaniel: I do not understand the advantage of Fuelwen rescuing slime. It was weak and he's a hunter. Mortals confound me. Perhaps I should seek a way to shed myself of these feelings...

Huge ship spotted, time to go on the offensive

Pirate.gif Brilla: Preparations were set for battle, and we were tasked to delay the main attack ship with the support of 3 other vessels.

To help the other ships coordinate battle more easily, they put a spell of voice amplification on me so that we could run as a more effective unit.

What started as a straightforward battle turned sideways as they appeared to have an ability to summon whirlpools (OOG illusions) and the bottom of their ship was protected by water elementals.

Things were going pretty well for us until they leashed a nightmare to attack the ships and the made preparations to let lose a blue dragon. This is when I decided to take our ship along theirs and board their vessel. Fuelwen was able to use a feather token to halt their progress at great risk to himself. This made it easy for us to come aside their ship. Our usual party will be joined by the dragonblooded. Deenar is left in charge of the ship and knows to take evasive action if they attack the ship after we have boarded.

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: The invaders were sighted, and we were ordered to engage while the defenses were readied. At first, I was eager to let them walk into our trap, but the point was raised: spoils of war. With Dwarven reinforcements, we engaged.

Like all naval battles, this one largely happened at range, with little opportunity for an individual to directly engage. Even so, when the opportunity presented itself, I dove overboard. This time, with an anchor token in hand. So armed, I swam up to the invader's vessel, activated the token, and froze them at sea for the next 24 hours.

The only problem: the ship was guarded by a pair of water elementals. One, perhaps, I might have faced, but two, in the seas which they can command, was a lost battle waiting to happen. I fled back to Seawolves' Folly.

Nathaniel-skull.gif Nathaniel: As we sail forth to directly battle the ship, I revel in the opportunity to see what damage and carnage my creations, my army, are able to do.

The Seawolves' Folly is joined by Bolt, Javelin, and Shotput (large vessel)

  • Bolt sustained 11 fire dmg and was being viciously attacked by a nightmare.


  • Wiki update award: Potion of Inflict/Cure Moderate Wounds
    • Fuelwen, Nathaniel, Brilla