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Wild:41 Assassin Gnomes are Friendly

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Starring: Bo-icon.gif Bo, Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen, Pirate.gif Brilla, Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk Jayde-icon.gif Jayde
Guest Starring: The Gnomish Anti-Dwarf Liberation Legion, Big
Challenge: Red Slaad (×4), Blue Slaad
Location: Wild Tentacles, Moon
Date Played: 22 Jul 2010

To Tree, or Not to Tree

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: At Drn'Tg, we discovered that the shack that had been deeded to our party (held by Brilla), actually represented a substantial quantity of land. This entangled Brilla into local politics. They wished to depose their king and replace him. This, somehow, involved interminable meetings and not would-be rulers killing the king and battling it out amongst themselves, like sane people. Dwarves are rarely sane.

Regardless, when we went to investigate Brilla's land (the buildings in the area had burned to the ground), we encountered some Slaadi assaulting a tree. Instead of finding out, perhaps, if the tree had it coming, we launched in and slew the demons. No real loss there, and no real gain- this tree creature has attached itself to our party and signed onto our crew. I assigned it a rank of crewman, which should be within my purview- if Brilla wants it to be an officer, it can lay on her head.

DM-d20.jpg DM FYI, Slaadi aren't necessarily demons. They're Chatoic outsiders, often with a bent toward evil -- but they're not CE incarnate. (Slaad is a trademark, like Illithid and Carrion Crawler -- thus don't appear in the SRD.)

Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk: It seems that my choice to join this clutch was a wise one, as they appear to have a wealth of influence. The clutch mother is a landowner and is called off the ship to decide the fate of the dwarven king. Fuelwen and I bark that the dwarven king should be the strongest, but Brilla wants to collect information to "make an informed decision". She ultimately votes "no confidence", deposing the king.

We explore clutch mother's land, which turns out to have been larger than previously guessed, and discover a tree woman being beaten upon by a group of demon toads. Fuelwen says something about maybe she deserves it, we don't know what is going on, but I'm already at the front line putting my new weapon to use. Five large ones against a tiny one is the way cowards fight.

We save Jayde, who tells us that the demon frogs are lumberslaad, and they are slaughtering everyone on their island. I have sympathy for her story and tell her that we'll help her, eventually.

Pirate.gif Brilla: When we got to Drn'Tg, I was alerted to something that I lost track of; I am a land owner here. It appears that a shack in the slums that I owned was burnt down. Not only that, but I owned a substantial bit more land than originally thought.

Before I could get to this matter, though, I was drug to the kings court on some sort of important business. As a land owner, I got a vote on if the king should be taken from the throne or not. I decided to be locked up with the nobles to hear both sides of the story. Those for removing the king gave a convincing argument, and the opposing side only helped fortify it. It appears that the king took credit for all of our deeds in saving Drn'Tg! I voted to get rid of the king, ending the tie.

To avoid the hatred of the nobles that I voted against, the group and I decided to check out the land that I acquired. Seeing as how a peaceful walk to get away from those wanting to kill us can never go well, we heard some high pitch screaming in the distance. When we moved to see what it was we found a woman made of wood being attacked by some sladi.

We came to her rescue not a moment too soon. The sladi were not able to deal too much damage to anyone and we found that the woodling named Jayde was quite in tune with nature and was an adequate healer. She decided to attach herself to us, so Fuelwen gave her the rank of crewman. I see no problem with this and it would be nice to have an extra healer with us for Fuelwen... I mean the adventuring group.

Jayde-icon.gif Jayde It was one of my very first trips outside the village and already I have met some good kind hearted strangers. *Pleasant surprise* They rescued me from our constant foes those. . . dare I speak it. . . Sladi. *Barely withheld rage* I think of their saws and my branches tingle with fear for our fallen forests. *Forlorness*

Thankfully I was helped by these wonderful people who are on a great many quests. They seem so hurried in pursuing their own ends that they found my, rather rushed, timeline of several years acceptable. *Incredible joy*

It's Quiet… too quiet

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: For all that we have heard of gnomes, I had not heard what fantastic warriors they made. When we arrived at Wild Tentacles, we found First Landing deserted. I sensed the signs of a possible ambush, and we searched, ever wary. We found a mass grave, with the bodies inside it but a week old. The one we exhumed was Dwarf, and the site was large enough contain all of the Dwarves that lived here.

We shed no tears over the loss of this venal, foolish colony. Our lack of lamentation was noted by the people who did the slaughtering- a tribe of gnomes. Through covert action, they infiltrated the city, and killed everyone in their sleep. Not the most dramatic or noble battle, but a terribly effective use of force. A small (in more ways than one) force completely emptied the Dwarven settlement.

I was impressed- and wary. I spent some time asking tactical questions, and identifying their future plans. More competition for conquest is not desirable. And should I ever need to defend against them, knowing their tactics is invaluable.

Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk: I was warned that I should be wary of the dwarves of Wild Tentacles, but that advice turned moot when we landed. A mass grave was all we found of the dwarven colony. The elder notices something running around the rooftops so I quietly pounce onto a roof and seek it out.

Turns out that a hive of seven gnomes assassinated all of the dwarves on the island in retaliation for hate crimes. I'm openly impressed with the feat. Wanting to gauge my ability against theirs, I spar with the one named Queng, who does not strike with the flat of the blade. I win, but not without blood or pain.

Pirate.gif Brilla: Something was wrong with the port at Wild Tentacles. An eerie silence hung over the peer and no dwarves were in sight, even for Bo.

A search of the area eventually led us to a mass grave. With some excavation we were able to find that the entire village was laid to waste there. Upon exhuming the corpse we heard a voice behind us to keep facing forward and it asked us of our alliances. It learned that we were neither friend nor foe of the dwarves and really didn't care much for their passing as these things do happen in the harsh reality of the war torn islands. We were told to turn and were greeted by some gnomes.

The gnomes took over the island as a resistance against the dwarves for the genocide that was raised against them at Tyr'Ng. I was not aware the king ever allowed this, let alone prompted it, and felt even more fortified in my decision to kick him off his chair.

We spent some time making friends with the dwarves and set up some good relations with them on the island. We told them of the dangers we knew of and to make alliances with Big on the plateau. In return, we were given a great deal on silver that was secretly being mined by the dwarves that once inhabited the island.

Jayde-icon.gif Jayde: I helped my friends to determine what happened to several of their former friends who had moved on to the next season. *Companionship* Several of them seemed uncomfortable about digging up the seeds of their former comrades. *Confusion*

In the end though a strange group of very small creatures, which were different from the other small creatures which had passed on, spoke to us. My new friends seemed very excited, but I could not tell what made these creatures different from the first ones. All fleshy things look alike to me. *Confusion and shame*

Big Country

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: We found Big on his plateau, well. We ventured onto the moon, and found that the islands were not only moving (in groups), but that they were on their way to a gigantic island- like the one on the hags' map. The markings on the moon mapped to the islands and their courses. I made notes of all of this, although, sadly, I was unable to make useful predictions based on it. Still, we have updated charts and a tool that should help us keep the charts up to date without taking another trip back to the moon.

The moon also is nearing the large island. I think it will be unfortunate for anyone that may be beneath the moon, despite how tiny it actually is.

Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk: We visit another planar island, the moon! Unable to breathe I don't stay there long. Fuelwen spends hours doing calculations, which end in frustration, but we do know that the islands are moving towards a really big island.

Pirate.gif Brilla: Big was doing pretty well, but his sheep were not mating as he wished they would. Bo was able to get a crawfish and a sheep to mate, how I do not know, and Big was especially thankful.

We also took this time to go back to the moon and see what the islands were doing. As we guessed, some of the islands are forming a super island, or continent as I believe it is called. Fuelwen took a great deal of time trying to manage our charts but the task seemed a bit much for him. None the less, we now have a rough estimate of where we are going.

Jayde-icon.gif Jayde: I met a large fleshy creature. *Excitement*

Also I was on the moon. *More excitement*

I do not understand all of this business of mating though. I just drop seeds. *Further confusion*


Wiki update reward:

  • Fuelwen: Choice of {first favored enemy bonus to gnomes and gnomekind} or {+1 knowledge (geography) skill point, not to exceed normal ranks maximum}
  • TskTsk: Choice of {+1 AC dodge bonus vs AoO} or {gain one language shared by a party member}
  • Brilla: Choice of {message 3/day, ventriloquism 1/day. CL=HD. charisma-based} or {+1 notice skill rank}
  • Jayde: Choice of {?} or {+1 sense motive skill rank}