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Wild:54 Brilla Gets A Demon Baby

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Starring: Bo-icon.gif Bo, Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen, Pirate.gif Brilla, and Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk
Guest Starring: Demon Baby (Pizza Pussy Santa), Callow
Challenge: Hungry Guards; Arguments about mammal reproduction
Location: No Man+Solipism Combo Island; Fan Empire
Date Played: 08 Jan 2010

Meanwhile, at the Inn

Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk: The magical traveling tavern on pontoons had last landed itself in the mountains of the new combination island, formerly known as No Man and Solispism. Killabron informed the clutch mother that she was now being called upon to execute the duties of a clutch mother—rearing young. Apparently Brilla was the godmother to a devil baby.

Since the child had no name, I decided to give it a name with things that mammals like—Pizza Pussy Santa. Apparently mammalian naming conventions escape me, as Brilla insisted, quite strongly, that this was an inappropriate name.

Fuelwen, the shaman, and I proceeded to discuss mammalian reproduction. Killabron tried to teach us, but we were uninterested in actually learning about it.

Pirate.gif Brilla: Well, I guess the child isn't too evil looking. It is cute, in its own little way. There is an instant animosity between it and splat, though. I guess their divine natures can't be helped. I'm keeping my eye on the two of them. It is a fight that I will not like to break up, but will if I have to. The little tyke is still deciding on a name for itself, but in the mean time it decided on Splat.

At least Killabron came to my defense on how my body worked. Sadly, he was talking to a group of walls for the most part.

Ship Sweet Ship

Pirate.gif Brilla: Deenar did a pretty good job taking care of the ship. It has some fresh paint and improved defenses. The crews seems in good spirits and everything appears to be in order. Sadly, the chaos that follows with the rest of the group soon caught up. Whispers of dreaded drills and jumping into the maw of death with random adventures soon broke even their war torn spirits.

It appears that Ethyl was up to no good and they tied up her familiar and stuck her into the mast. We didn't get all of the details, but I plan on letting her take me over to work on some items at some point. I plan on my resistance to possession to let me open pockets to her to see what really happened.

Time for more Dragons

Pirate.gif Brilla: We now set sail for the Fan Empire to find out more about the Celestians. The sailing went smoothly, though I was quite startled to see how much our routes have changed due to not only the islands shifting but also the wars that are still being fought.

There was a firing line that prevented us from actually approaching the island by ship so it was left to TskTsk and Fuelwen to negotiate our docking. It must have not gone too well since they called me to talk to the captain of the guard. He was a reasonable sort and I worked out moving the ship into the range of fire so that he would be able to get a raise for encountering a ship.

The next day I came back to converse with him. He strongly hinted that he would have liked some picked eggs. Luckily, Bo's cabin was filled with a plethora of picked items. I gathered the rest of the crew and we swam toward the shore. After delivering the eggs we "snuck" onto land and headed to meet with Bo's family.


Wiki recap (not a 'once' ability):

  • Brilla: When someone under Brilla's charge is seriously in danger of being lost (ie, death; GM's discretion), Brilla may spend an AP to ready an action to take place, but still take her normal action. This readied action must directly help the threatened entity and should be a more specific than normal (both in action and in condition) than a normal readied action.
  • TskTsk: TskTsk gains the feat "fleet of foot" (I think) allowing a single turn during a charge.