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Wild:61 Reunited

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Starring: Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen, Pirate.gif Brilla, Bo-icon.gif Bo, and Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk
Guest Starring: Callow, Kordrik, Ambrose, Splat, Invisible Stalker Guide Whisper "Vacuum"
Challenge: Being hunted by good, blaspheme, pit fiend
Location: Sigil, diving in and out of other planes
Date Played: 25 May 2010

Last Meals

Cahlo: Brilla returns to our inn distraught. Our companions are assumed to have perished on the other side of the portal to Arborea, as the portal was forced closed by some entity on the other side. I say a quick prayer for them. Then I upgrade my position to a full share.

Brilla's orders are to continue with the mission. She kills as women often do, secretly and with poison. I make a mental note to not meal with her.

Splat: Alight, so, I realized the world is where I keep my stuff. So… fine, I'll help save it, and stuff. And then I'm going to found my own branch of the Hard Head Army. And then we'll beat the bad guy, even if he's Fuelwen.

Pirate.gif Brilla: It looks like the rest of the party is delayed; worst case scenario is that they are not coming back. None-the-less, the mission comes first. I go back to the inn to tell the others of their fate. They seem to take it in stride, and Splat even finds someone whom is willing to help us. He's dashing, if a bit grim, but I'll take all the help I can get.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Beastlands

Cahlo: The portal to the Beastlands resides in the sewers, requiring us to dive into the stink to find it. As we near the pool, angry moaning and shouts alert us to the fact that we are not alone. Our group is jumped by two undead things. I'm sure that someone shouted their name, but I was more concerned with my survival. The bite of the creatures weakened me and ripped out my flesh. Before I was able to get to the portal I was near death. I did what I never imagined I would do—I asked Splat for help.

I told him to tell Evelyn, my wife, and Arturo, my son, that I had died so they could move on quicker. He agreed. I then surrendered to the creature, as it was my only hope to survive. As I placed my hands behind my head the creature when into a torpor. I slid away slowly.

Splat: So, there were like these undead bad guy? And I blew things up. It was cool. Well, hot. I mean, it was exciting! And thew we killed the Beastlands for goodness! :( I still don't like that.

Pirate.gif Brilla: I can see why this portal is left alone. There was an undead death trap waiting for us when we got near the portal. These humanoid corpses were able to drain our strength. In a sense we were lucky in that when they had their fill they went into some sort of comatose state. I was lucky to make it through the portal deep in the sewers with the food still being untainted. I did what had to be done and we left as quickly as possible.

Guarded by the Guardinals

Fuelwen: The guardinals understand our plight, and while they don't condone our methods, they do understand the need. They agree to aid us under the condition that we return to receive our judgement after the world is saved. Against my best judgement, I will do so and before I return to Baator- with any luck, the competing claims on my mortal form will grant me some room to move.

Master Splinter Heals Brilla's Crew

Pirate.gif Brilla: Whisper took us to an insane rat healer that was able to mend our strength and wounds. The only catch was we had to act more crazy than him. With my old party this would have been a piece of cake. Now, though, it took some acting. The others stayed twitchy and quiet while I went into deep narcissism. In the end we got healed for free, and that's all that matters.

Portal Shenanigans

Fuelwen: Upon returning to Sigil, it doesn't take long to find Brilla. She has continued our quest. That is good. We still have a few more portals to go, however.

Pirate.gif Brilla: I had to have the grey knight take care of matters on the next plane as he was the least likely to keep under it's influence to keep you there. He returned shortly thereafter and asked me some bewildering questions. With a sigh he soon brought the rest of the party to me. To my surprise they were all still alive.

I think I did pretty well without the rest of them here. I guess they can help keep some of my conscious clean from some of this. I may, though, still insist on doing this my way. Assisted suicide is better than murder, right?


Wiki reward: Brilla, Fuelwen, TskTsk: 3/uses (ever) "Smite X". Brilla: Evil. Fueweln: Chaos. TskTsk: Law [Chaos while Hive Minded]. +CHA [min 0] to attack roll, +HD to damage. Declare before attempt.