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Wild:70 A Whale Of Good Time

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Starring: Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen, Pirate.gif Brilla, and Bo-icon.gif Bo and Ko.gif Ko
Guest Starring: The Crew, Bezeltrix, Splat #1
Challenge: A hunt of Void Scavvers
Location: The Astral, Tu'narath, Whale Trailer, Milding
Date Played: 27 September 2011

On The Hunt

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: I am getting used to having a deck under my feet. It seems perfectly normal, these days, to have wood beneath my feet. That's troubling, actually. It's pulled by an astral whale, so it's not entirely off.

I'm armed and prepared for the hunt. My space whale is going to fall- or so I believed.

Along the way, we encounter Mimics tougher than any that I've ever seen before. Brilla took one as a pet. They were also delicious.

Pirate.gif Brilla: Space mimics? I've heard of weirder things I suppose. Travel with odder as well.

The "mother mimic" appeared very possessive of the baby coins, especially when Fuelwen and the others started to eat them! There was some exchange of fire but no real harm was done. I saved one of the coins and it quickly bonded to me. I guess I now join the club as having a weird sidekick.

The Ancient Cetacean

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: We meet a celestial cetacean with a tree growing from its head. It is obviously an ancient and mystical creature, and it is one that knows of our shard. It also knows of my prey- prey that is far more robust than I thought. My target is a creature of legend, with a tail so mighty that it shatters crystal shards with it for sport. It is a cosmic creature, no mere bundle of stars or constellations, but a vast beast that we have no chance of felling without what amounts to divine intervention. This cetacean claims to be my prey's mother, and identifies the father as Celestian.

Thwarted, we turn the whale back towards home.

Pirate.gif Brilla: Much as we expected, the task was too much for us. These star whales can destroy entire shards!

A large, dolphin like thing informed us of this and even took a tour of the Wilding with us. The creature asked about our Leviathan and we were a bit confused. When we mentioned that we didn't know of a cyclopian one, the creature looked all too understanding and quickly teleported us back to where we were.

We were left with directions to seek divine help. I guess this is something that Fuelwen has to work pretty hard for.

The Reminder

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: I spend most of the remaining trip praying. Mostly to Sekolah, but also to Celestian. I pray not as a devotee, but as someone offering service in exchange for a boon. It is somewhat surprising, but Sekolah answered first. I had a dream she chased me and ate my toe. When I awoke, cosmic sharks attacked us.

It was a brutal fight, but we eventually vanquished them. They focused on me, which spared my companions too much harm, at least during the brief moments of the fight where I was conscious.

When the sharks were dispatched, I cut off the same toe that Sekolah ate in my dream and tossed it aside.

Pirate.gif Brilla: Perhaps Fuelwen prayed a little too hard.

Space sharks quickly surrounded us, though most of their focus was on Fuelwen. Evidently running away from facing a whale has some sort of divine consequence. Either that, or even talking to his god brings this about. I swear, when I reach some form of divinity I won't be like this!

The fight went well enough, though Fuelwen took some heavy hits. Bo was lucky to get in there to heal him.

Also, oddly enough, these creatures are harder on the inside.


Splat.gif Splat: Like, Daddy is totally pissed off. I think it's his toe, but he's all, "It's not the toe, you toothless sack of glowing fecal matter." He's been cranky ever since we got back, but then again, he's always cranky. And hey! We're back! Things are things! Brilla made a Baby! I happen to speak baby, so I know that its name is Stormageddon, Lord of All. Nobody believes me, though!

Pirate.gif Brilla: This birth came early. WAY too early. I was luck to make it back to the driad in time. Little did I know, though, that her potion had a catch. Not only will I have this child, but I will continue having children until the potions effect wears off. I'm going to chalk this up as a mixed blessing. I swear, someone up there really has it out for women...


Wiki Edit:

  • Fuelwen add to spells known: Summon Monster 2, Summon Monster 3, Summon Nature's Ally 2, Summon Nature's Ally 3 (Sharks only)
  • Brilla: new invocation known, Vitriolic Blast