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I'm generally not keen on racial requirements for things, and that's even stronger for this setting. Other prerequisites (such as alignment) might be waived if requested.
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Fixed alignments for races are essentially abolished (including most intelligent undead). General trends for alignments may still apply.
http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/we/20060420a (adds natural weapons, slight build, proficiencies)


Dread Necromancer
Add Gentle Repose as a first level spell.
A fighter may choose to have a strong reflex save instead of fortitude.
A fighter gets one extra skill point per level that must be placed into a craft or profession skill.
Shaman (OA)
Dragon Magazine 318's OA 3.5 update gives the Shaman an improved progression to unarmed strikes and bonus "monk" feats.
The 3.0 wording of animal companion on Druid and Shaman are identical. Shaman counts as a druid of the same level for an animal companion.
The monk and the druid both have armor restrictions, while the shaman does not (other than only having proficiency with light armor). A shaman has to adhere to druid armor restrictions (losing any spell-like or supernatural abilities, including spellcasting, if he breaks this), and loses his unarmed strike and monk feats if he ever wears armor higher than light armor.
A sorcerer receives one of the following feats as a bonus feat at second level: Eschew Materials, Arcane Disciple, or the first feat in any of the "Bloodline/Heritage" paths (draconic, celestial, fey, aberration, etc).

Prestige Classes

Shadow Thief of Amn (PGtF)
Prerequisites: Amn is not required. Any thieves guild membership is acceptable. Any Skill Focus or Skill Pair feat in the applicable skills replaces Persuasive.
Reputation (Ex): This becomes a bonus to the Influence skill.

Class Features

A familiar does not cost money to obtain.
Turn or Rebuke Undead
This class feature has not been changed but is on the short list of those that my be changed at any time.


Skills are greatly changed. Read the Rules.
Craft (X)
change: This step "4. Make an appropriate Craft check representing one week’s work" is changed to "...one day's work


Skill Pair
Any two skills, if paired by a creative name, can be combined for a +2 to each skill feat (similar to Alertness, Diligent or Stealthy). I'll just call these Skill Pair Feats generically
Dodge no longer requires you to declare who it is against. It applies equally to all foes when the normal doge feat would.
Reserve Feats
All reserve feats are spell-like abilities (ie, provoke AoO). Saving throws are added to those lacking one.
Combat Casting
This feat is largely deprecated and where it's a prerequisite, Skill Focus (Concentration) can be substituted.
Improved Initiative
This feat is rewritten by the skill system. See Skills above.


Immediate Actions
There will be no "immediate action" spells. Any spell that is currently an immediate action will be made a swift action. If this constitutes the spell becoming of no use, so be it. Yes, I'm aware of how this affects Delay Death -- that is intentional. I dislike that spell more than any other. (Delay death might still disappear entirely.)
Exception: Feather Fall retains its immediate action status.
Conjuration (Calling) and Conjuration (Summoning) spells
These spells have their casting time reduced by one category, to a minimum of 1 standard action (Summon Monster, for example, is no longer 1 round but is instead 1 standard action). Their durations are increased by one category (1 round/level becomes 1 minute/level). The caveat to this is that their arrival is delayed by 1d4 rounds. Spell Focus (Conjuration) and Greater Spell Focus (Conjuration) each reduce the arrival time by 1, to a minimum of 1 round (meaning they'll arrive on your turn the next round). Silly people, there's nothing to dispel until it takes place.
Summon Swarm
This spell does not require concentration until the swarm arrives. As above, duration is concentration + 2 minutes. Add (D) to the end of the duration.
Divination spells
Any divination that mentions drawing upon divine power or contact with a deity may have its answer delayed 1d4 minutes to hours, depending on the spell. Costly material components for these spells are eliminated. Spell Focus (Divination) and Greater Spell Focus (Divination) reduce the time delay if you remind me you have it.


Magic Arms & Armor

I do not require weapons/armor be +1 before special properties are added.

Sundark Goggles (RotD)

These negate low-light vision and darkvision while worn. It takes an action to put them on/take them off.

Badge of Valor (MIC)

Allowed. Standard change of immediate action activation to swift action activation.