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Originally the island was called Screamholdt. The island had been established as a holding ground for slaves, and received its name for the screams of the slaves as they were killed. The island was built upon the corpses of dragons by a group of Blood infernal Sorcerers. They used the remaining magic from the dragon bodies to form an island. The slaves were mixed breed and brought to the island for holding. Men, women, children…it didn’t matter. The island was cursed by demon pact and infernal gods. The head slaver was a vampire lord who preferred the blood of young innocents. The only retreat the slaves had were when the slept. In their dreams they called out for help, for peace, for rescue. A diamond dragon searching for the missing dragon graveyard responded by calling the three dream spirits or quori. The quori had been running from one of the Madness Lords. The dragon offered a plan, allowing the quori and the slaves to merge into a new race, the Kalashtar. The quori only had to free the slaves and their island from infernal cultists to have a safe home. Thus freeing the dragon’s brethren from eternal unrest, allowing them to find respectful eternal slumber.

The next thirty days the slaves dreamed of the rites they needed to perform to allow the quori to enter this realm. Then on what will be called the Day of Justice the Kalashtar were born. The quori are divided into three castes. The Tsucora were the rebel spirits that looked for escape originally and made up most of the Kalashtar. The Tsucora were formed from the dreams of hope and inspiration. The Hashalaq were the spirits of mediation and calm. They were formed by the dreams of those seeking rest and healing. The last were the Du’ulora, formed by the dreams of vengeance and retribution.

The Kalashtar moved as one mind and with help from the other slaves destroyed the sorcerers. The slaves have been slowly taking over the island. They renamed it Kali’Ma and took over most of the ports. There still are areas inhabited by some of the more dangerous pets kept by the former masters. A pack of vampiric wolves seemed to hunt along the southern shores and hide in caves during the day. The occasional grick is found along the coast. Currently the Hashalaq Kalashtar appointed as the ruling council. The slaves have been selling off their former masters’ magical trinkets and components for money. Food and water comes from the three peaks at the southern end of the island. The island has a small problem in that it is built on the skeleton remains of ancient wyrms. Therefore the main product produced is ivory. No trees currently grow on the island. Most of the vegetation is vines and grass. Goats were raised for meat and milk on the island and wander wild on the northern grass hills. Coral reefs dot the eastern shore line and extend into a kelp forest bed. Sea otters and seals inhabit the kelp beds. Whales also migrate and mate off the northern and western coasts. Storms pop us frequently and usually bring trouble.